POST: '946: The Amazing Story of Adolphus Tips' - I have never met a black person before...

What's it about?

946: The Amazing Story of Adolphus Tips is a tale that strings together the story of a girl named Lily and her cat with the incredible true story of a Government operation that had left 946 American soldiers dead.

What I experienced?

Everyone always wants to come to NYC because of the glitz and the glamour. People want to see Times Square or the Empire State Building. And living here, I have taken a lot for granted. Times Square is the worst, midtown in general is the worst, and actually… to be totally honest, all of Manhattan is the worst.

But only recently have I realized that NYC has bestowed a gift I didn’t even realize WAS a gift until I got into college.

All my life I have been surrounded by people of all shapes, colors, religions, and ethnicities. From Pre-K to even now I am always surrounding myself with diversity. I've never realized that there are people from some places in this country that have never met a single person of color.

During the play, two soldiers walked into a class to simply ask for directions. The students and even the teacher of the class were irked simultaneously not because they were soldiers but because they were black. They had never seen a black person before in their lives and didn’t even know what to do with themselves but to hesitantly give them the directions and try to go on about their day.

You might think that something like that could never happen in today's world but you would be surprised.

During my second semester of college, I was listening to a light hearted discussion, or as my professor liked to say “interview,” about our personal lives during my Journalism class. A girl a couple of seats away from me was talking about how before she moved to NYC for school, she used to live in a small town in Massachusetts where she used to get water from a well.

Of course the whole class was enthralled at this tiny tidbit about her because that’s freaking hilarious. The interview progressed about her weird town and then she said something that blew my mind.  She went on to say something along the lines of, “yeah, it’s a really small rich all white town. Actually, before coming here I had never even met a black person before.”

Almost immediately the whole class quieted down. This girl said that in the most light heartedly way possible, like it was no big deal and she was surrounded by her friends that looked exactly like her. 

The whole interaction was, in very simple terms, really messed up. As a result, the once light hearted class became kind of toxic in a very low key way. I mean, F.I.T is not that diverse.

Watching a similar situation I had experienced in a play and it being used as a plot device and a way to surprise the NYC viewers was interesting. It humbled me and made me address the fact that the world is a place that seems to always be growing, except in ways that matter the most. 

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