POST: 'Sundown, Yellow Moon' - being okay with uncertainty

What's it about?

Fraternal twins who go home to check on their grumpy father (as he ages not so gracefully), while juggling the unclear state of their own lives. 

What I experienced?

Fraternal twins Rayleen (Ray) and Josephine (Joey) go on a trip to visit their father, Tom, because he got suspended from teaching at his school. It was a pretty bad situation that transpired, which eventually resulted in him getting fired. 

I know, you're wondering what the situation was, so let me just flat out tell you. Ummmmmmmm...

Sooooo.......... He. He slapped the principal's wife in the face and gave her a BLACK EYE. 

It all happened when he and the principal were having an argument and the principal's wife tried to break up the argument. Tom was so frustrated that he ended up slapping her! Hard. I mean, she had a black eye. 

Everyday, Tom stays in the house feeling all depressed and remorseful - as he should, I must say. Ray thought it was unacceptable and Joey found some humor out of the whole situation. It was only funny because it was so unexpected. 

Controlling your anger is honestly not a small task. I mean, not that I've been to anger management or anything...

But I do know that it isn't all that easy. Sometimes those little techniques like counting down, drawing, painting, running, and squeezing a stress-ball just don't work. I know what you're thinking - Why does he know so much about anger management techniques if he's never been? I just know a lot of things. 

Tom isn't the only one with issues - the entire family is a hot mess! Joey got an opportunity to go on a business venture for two years in Germany, but decides she doesn't want to go. Ray, on the other hand, is sleeping with her boss, and quits her job because she feels that quitting would bring them closer, which it most certainly doesn't. 

What was so surprising to me was how the play ended. It ended so abruptly. There was no resolution. There was no happy ending. I didn't know if Tom got his job back, if Joey eventually when to Germany or not, or if things got better with Ray and her former boss. It felt like a story without an ending. But then, as I left the theater I thought to myself - isn't that what life is, a story that we all don't really have an end to? In retrospect, I appreciated the ending because of its uncertainty. It helped me understand that it's okay that I don't know exactly what the future holds. I can be okay with not being okay, and when a person truly gets to that point of being okay with the uncertainty of the future - that's when their life truly begins. 

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