POST: 'STREEPSHOW!' - forced to face each other

What's it about?

Nine movie characters, all once played by the incredible actress Meryl Streep, must live together for the purposes of a reality TV show. 

What I experienced?

As a lover and damn near worshipper of Meryl Streep, I practically choked when I read about this show. It felt like that moment of finding what you've always wanted, without ever thinking of it yourself. Though, I was even more excited by seeing STREEPSHOW! when I learned that it was playing at the Connelly Theatre. Before I get into all the reasons why this show was fabulous, hilarious, and cheesy-good-fun, I have to profess my undying love for the Connelly. If you've never been, you need to know two essential things:

  1. They sell drinks and $1 popcorn in their lobby.
  2. They also let you bring both with you inside the theater!

That's right; you can nom on popcorn, unjudged and unridiculed, in the comfort of your audience seat - during the show and all. Plus, there is something so charming and irresistible about the old little popcorn maker that they use. Needless to say, at STREEPSHOW! I indulged in a shameless two bags of popcorn: one purchased before the show and the next during intermission. #noregrets.

When I arrived, I also snagged a playbill and searched through for the names of the characters that would be present. I wanted to know which of these Meryl performances I'd be familiar with. Considering myself to be a diehard fangirl, I was admittedly surprised when I didn't recognize two of the nine characters. Hadn't I seen every Meryl Streep movie?! Alas, it seems I had not - had I known this, I probably would've at least squeezed in a quick viewing of the movie trailers on my way to the performance, or a quick compilation of her performances. You know, like this one: 

I lacked a little bit of foresight in terms of refreshing my memory, though this didn't prevent me from enjoying the show any less. In fact, while there is some assumed knowledge for the audience, this show did a pretty great job of contextualizing each character. In an almost Real Housewives-esque introduction, each character got the spotlight as their name and clips of their movie flashed on a centerstage projection, as well as on some screens hanging above either side of the stage. I definitely found this helpful even for me, seeing as I haven't seen most of the movies and characters in quite some time. 

After this introduction, the reality show really took off. Faced with the likes of Joanna Kramer (Kramer vs. Kramer), Julia Child (Julie and Julia), and the infamous Miranda Priestly (The Devil Wears Prada), to name a few,  I felt as though I was basking in a comical alternate reality. It was one in which all the versions of Meryl Streep over the years were suddenly stuck together in a room, forced to face each other. Some of these characters were even performed in drag, which I thought was intensely glamorous. Soon enough, something even more priceless became clear to me... These characters had absolutely no idea who Meryl Streep is. They thought of themselves as real people, whose lives from the movies were actually theirs. This was absolutely hilarious, especially when watching them admit that they all looked like each other and shared bizarre similarities while not understanding why.

Things got more interesting when the Streeps were explicitly told why they were all chosen and what they'd need to do on this reality show. Each week, the house would need to get together to vote off one of the other Streeps. The last Streep standing would win the chance to rewrite their life story. I anxiously waited to find out which characters would get voted off by their housemates, devouring my popcorn as though I were seated on my couch at home. I won't reveal who got voted off in Episodes 1 & 2, though I'll end this with saying that every Meryl Streep fan can already guess who's winning...

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