POST: 'SpongeBob SquarePants' - BEST DAY EVER

What it's about.

It’s SpongeBob SquarePants...It’s utter nonsense that somehow makes perfect sense.

My experience. 

Although I never reached this ⬇️  level of fandom…

I still consider myself a pretty big fan of Nickelodeon's best cartoon - SpongeBob SquarePants. And that is why as soon as the first act was over, I was already calculating how this show would look in Minskoff Theatre (aka the home of The Lion King). I know saying anything is better than the LK is the equivalent of attacking Beyoncé and her beehive, but sorry not sorry. I saw the LK 8 years ago and at the time I was impressed beyond anything I could even begin to comprehend. Then this show comes along and...BOOM! LK ANNIHILATION!

Ok, maybe it’s a bit dramatic, but it’s rare for me to love a musical this much - or even just like one. So let a girl gloat her heart out. First off, how? How are human beings this talented? Were they born on some special planet we all don’t know about? *Cue conspiracy music* Or is there some superhuman species we haven’t discovered that the theatre world has curated to blow our minds and make us spend hundreds of 💸💸💸 on…? Mhmmm.

At this point, I don’t care one bit how this show came to be so insanely good - I’m just concerned with how I’m gonna be able to withstand not throwing money down to see it again. I found that the day after seeing the show I wanted tell everyone about it, but at the same time I wanna say nothing at all and just make them go see it themselves. This is show had so much going on - it was like my eyes were on drugs on something. Neon colors on every corner, it was like Bikini Bottom threw up on a B-way stage. The nostalgia I got?? That was sooo real for me - pretty sure my eyes started sweating when SpongeBob staring singing the "BFF" song and "Best Day Ever". I love this damn sponge so much!

Also I was freaking excited to see Sandy in human form. She was like this 70’s sassy cowgirl - like, what is that even?!? She was perfect. AND PEARL! Mr. Krabs daughter? My new queen.


To tell you that when this girl belted out her first notes… she got a standing ovation, + 2 minutes of clapping. And you better believe that at intermission I googled the crap out of Jai’len Christine (😉 ) Li Josey. HOW IS SHE 18 AND CAN SING LIKE THAT? If there has ever been a show I “couldn’t even” at anymore... it’s SpongeBob freaking SquarePants. I mean I could honestly go on forever about Plankton - whose voice is EXACTLY like the cartoon. What is this sorcery? Also! SQUIDWARD! I need to stop yelling... sorry, I’m just excited. If nothing that I’ve said has convinced you to take your butt to the Palace Theatre, I think the Squidward 5 minute long tap dancing number (with sparkly pink dancers!) will sure as hell make you run to Times Square.


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