POST: 'Small World - A Fantasia' - I love being wrong

What it's about.

Walt Disney and Igor Stravinsky meet to discuss using Stravinsky's Rite Of Spring in a scene for Fantasia which leads to a chaos lasting for years even after their deaths.

What I experienced.

To start off, the main reason I chose to see this play was that I have a weird obsession with Walt Disney. If his name is on something, then I’m diving in, headfirst.

I’d never actually been to an off off broadway play before, but I was foolishly expecting to walk into a huge theater with big red curtains. I walked in and saw two orange chairs on a small stage within what was the size of my tiny bedroom. I was like what is this? Then I told myself not to judge. The theater was no different than the little 2nd-floor theater from my high school, Murrow, where there were some kickass performances.

But then I saw that the rest of the audience were 50, 60-year-olds with a few younglings seeded in. A sweet little old lady was sitting next to me and tried to make small talk with me, but I just smiled and nodded trying to amuse myself with my thoughts because I honestly believed that my love for Walt had to lead me to a boring 75 minutes. 

Boy, was I DEAD WRONG!!!

There was screaming, papers flying in the air and being ripped, backstabbing, and even instances of cursing which the old people actually found amusing. I was surprised, I assumed old people hated profanity.

The highlight of the entire show was when Igor Stravinsky said “F*** Mickey Mouse” and Walt clap-backed saying "No F*** You!!!" in his high-squeaky impression of Mickey.

I was relishing in this play. 
I love being wrong.

However, I need to discuss the debates. I grew to have a soft spot for my fellow Russky and musician, Stravinsky. I respected the fact that he was standing up for art and wouldn’t allow Walt to tarnish his vision with ‘dinosaurs.’ He was arguing that an artist must think of him/herself first when Walt kept coming at him with his guilt stories. He didn’t give up and I admired that. But what I couldn't agree with Stravinsky was that he wanted Walt to portray Rite of Spring as a virgin (female only) sacrifice because it made my inner feminist shiver. “You gotta make it family friendly!” Walt had argued, which I agreed. But I might also add - it shouldn't exploit sexist bullshit.

One of the guilt stories Walt had mentioned was the story of how in World War I he had drawn cartoons on the ambulance he drove for the red cross in attempts to bring hope to the people, especially the children. I loved him even more for that and that's why I sided with him (not really surprising).

The world is an ugly place with its wars and corruptness…but it can be a beautiful one. By showing children and even adults things like cartoons it makes them go to sleep knowing they experienced something good. It may sound idealistic but I do believe that someone evil as Hitler could get a laugh and even smile from watching something just pure and good and possibly rethink about their whole plan for world domination.

That’s why I love Disney and believe in its ‘magic.’

During the scene where Walt and Stravinsky are getting along in ‘maybe’ heaven was really nice to see. It was especially nice to see Stravinsky tell Walt how Fantasia, what Walt died believing was his biggest disaster was actually a hit years later amongst the hippies under the influence by their psychedelic drugs. 

When the play was over, the sweet old lady that was sitting next to me surprised me and told me “I was actually one of those hippies.” Huh?

I went straight home afterward and picked up my acoustic guitar that I hadn’t touched in a year. I felt inspired to work on my music more seriously and bring it to the people in this hard time we are living as Walt did for the people during his time. 

See it.

:( Sorry, this show is not currently showing. 

Saw it.

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