POST: 'Sistas, The Musical' - made me feel like family

What's it about? 

This show follows three sister and their niece as they are packing up their Grandma's house and trying to think of a song to sing at her wake that would capture everything that Grandma stands for. 

What I experienced?

"At first I was afraid, I was petrified" one of the sisters says. I sat there thinking "oh no, don't sing this song because I won't be able to hold myself back from singing along."  But she did sing the song and I, happily, sang along. This is definitely not what I expected to be doing during the middle of this show.

I totally expected to be bored and not able to relate to anything. It wasn't the characters, it was me. It was the fact that I didn't expect to know the songs that they would be singing. I heard the first song and felt really bad because while everyone in the audience was singing along, and maybe reliving the good old days, I was there wondering how old the song was.  I really just wanted to sing along with everyone else!

Like every show I've gone to see so far, it proved me wrong (you'd think I'd stop judging plays before the end by now).  Anyway, imagine my surprise when the characters started singing songs that I actually knew. I really felt like a proud 90's baby for knowing these songs.  It started with the women speaking about how they needed respect from a man. And yes, you guessed... they started singing Aretha Franklin's "Respect". It wasn't just about how old the song was, these were hits that I think most people grew up listening to. 

This play made me feel like family. There was a feeling of unity and love when everyone was singing along to these timeless hits. I could also see my family in these characters. There was the super religious aunt, the aunt that always looks tough and angry but is the most sensitive, and then there was the mediator aunt. These three aunts together is weird, it's crazy, it's a bowl of everything, but most importantly it's full of love. Their bond was strong enough to make me feel like family and make me happily stand up and sing "We Are Family" at the end of the play. 

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