POST: 'Sistas' - these moments were the most memorable

What's it about?

The main idea of the show was a family looking for the perfect song to sing at their grandmother's funeral. They are cleaning out grandma Alice's attic and reminiscing on old times as they look at old records, photo albums and clothes.

What I experienced?

Sistas was an emotional roller coaster.  It was a show that touched many issues that are common among women, particularly Black-American women. The musical genres included doo-wop, jazz, R&B, pop and Motown. All the song choices reflected the characters themselves, their feelings and personal experiences. The atmosphere of the show was chill and casual making me feel extremely relaxed.  The manner in which the characters reacted to each other showed the dynamics of that Black family, but to me also represented my family as we went through the loss of a loved one.

The timing of this show for me was very coincidental. I had been in an extremely similar situation as the characters were dealing with the death of their grandmother. My family and I were reminiscing about the life of my aunt that had passed going through old stuff much like the characters in the play. I couldn't help but think about this as the play went on, seeing the similarities in each family member. Truthfully, I think I can match up a family member with each one of the five actresses based on their personalities. This made me feel connected with the characters in a way that rarely happens for me.

They did not stray away from darker issues like molestation and lynching. These moments were some of the most memorable because they were delivered so well I ended up not even attempting to hold back tears. The show did not keep the mood too sad or depressing for long. They moved into fun and happy moments with songs like "Stop in the Name of Love" and "Baby Love".

To them, Grandma Alice was a strong black woman living during the civil rights movement. She was a generous, kind woman that had been through a lot but always kept her faith in God. She reminds me of my aunt who passed. That's why I enjoyed this show so much because it was relatable.

It left me thinking, what does it mean to be sister, a brother, a friend?
How does one epitomizes manhood or womanhood?

Brotha to Sistas
by Khalil Smith 

"I am not my hair
I am not this skin
I am a soul that lives within" 
Story of a sweet soul sista
Raised to be a soldier
Life the war to enlist her
Through song she will bury pain
Black folk don't see no shrink
That's a sign of being insane
Just put things in the hands of Jesus
With faith he'll see you through
Say there are those worse off
I'm blessed my problems are few
"Precious Lord  
Take my hand
Lead me on
Let me stand" 
Stand against misogyny  
Be the paragon progeny  
Ascend to greatness
Be a doctor or a lawyer
Not Nigger Jim or Jane
In a story of Huck Finn, and Tom Sawyer
You have to be strong to get R-E-S-P-E-C-T
Not weak, begging, singing  
"I'm going to make you love me" 
White girls like to do all that weak shit
Stealing colored folk songs, make it to the top of the charts
Peak in their career, make a mainstream hit
But Sistas, my sistas will survive
People going to always be mad Honey
You look so good they call you bad Honey
Just say a little prayer
"Each morning I wake up
Before I put on my makeup  
I say a little prayer for you" 
Sistas teach Brothas how to love
Raise young soldiers
To always rise above
We used to be strange fruit
Swinging from the poplar tree
But now we plant seeds of hope
We are and will always be family
Sistas I love you

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