POST: 'Show Up' - Pete knew everyone's name

What's it about?

Pete and the audience share their experience in seven or so categories and then Pete acts out a narrative that references each experience. 

What I experienced?

The moment I walked in, I was asked for my name. "Miriam," I said shyly and ducked past the spotlight into the first aisle. 

Pete knew everyone's name.

Every time he asked the crowd to contribute to the categories like addiction, love life, family, he would say "Yes Sasha" or... whatever their name was.

He revealed very hard truths, like his grandfather dying of depression and how depression is hereditary. Audience members also revealed hard truths like having fake friends, losing friends to cancer and divorce. I was very surprised by their honesty and the whole time I was wondering how are they able to be so open to a room full of strangers?

Some cool things he did with the show is that he also included the audience with the second half of the performance. Somebody did sound and another person did set changes. Pete willed the audience to take part instead of sitting back. Finally in the end he talked about the social anxiety he gets with audience crowds and his fear of failure. He kept saying "All you have to do is show- up." It seemed like he was saying it for himself, in order to keep showing up to his performances. But it also seemed geared towards us. I know what it's like to be inhibited by your own fears and anxieties, when sometimes just leaving your bed, leaving your house makes such a difference. Just show up. 

Want to see it?

Sorry, this show is not currently showing :(

What did you experience?

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