POST: 'Serials @ The Flea' - the highlight of my month

What's it about?

An all-out One vs. One vs One vs One vs One. Five short plays enter the stage, the audience selects their favorites. The three with the most votes are renewed for another episode. The other two are CANCELLED. 

Five plays enter, three plays leave in this thunderdome of drama. 

What I experienced?

So this was it, the big comeback show for not just Serials @ The Flea, but for the Flea Theater proper, in its new major location. This was, also, my first time visiting this new location. The new Thomas Street location is only a few blocks away from their old White Street space, but the change is so radically different. Being met with this fanciful metal sign that hung off the building, by the door way, that dramatically read THE FLEA, I couldn't help but feel weird. I still associate my favorite theater with that little stoop and single The Flea logo that if you walked past it in the street you would never even know you had passed a theater. No stairs anymore, just these wide glass doors. 

And entering? Yo, my guy, it's so much bigger now, it's startling. The new lobby area is massive compared to the old one. If not for the sudden nervous worry about social interaction that made me turn and get my ticket immediately, I would have just stared at the space for a while. It doesn't even feel like they've finished adding what they want to the lobby yet, which I can imagine, what does a small theater even do with all that space? 

Now, I loved the basement theater that Serials was always performed in. Scenic, specific, and visually awesome, cramped-as-shit. The new one? Well, the basement thing is still there. Roughly the same small amount of seating. The stage though? Holy fuck, my dude, it's raised up and massive and, well, it's huge. Visually, physically, it doesn't feel like the Flea, to me. But, it's just a stage, just a building. 

The show, however, is perfectly Flea. Serials @ The Flea is, no question, the highlight of my month every time I get to see it. I've made it a tradition to see the last night of Serials every Cycle since last year. In a few words? The funniest fucking thing I'm gonna see. Every time, consistently, this show blows me away. Any vague uncertainties I had about the new Flea building was blown away when The Bats stepped up for some fresh episodes of Serials, freshly unboxed and poured straight into my gaping maw. 

I also admit that seeing the final show for Serials every time is bittersweet. You always get to see the goodbyes as someone is officially leaving The Bats. I've come to recognize every one of these actors from Serials, and some are still the litany of actors I credit with damn-near saving my life four years ago when I saw The Mysteries

See Serials. They currently have a show planned for every month ahead and if you literally want to make your month a billion times better and have the most raucous, enthusiastic, fun night of your life: get your free drink and strap in for some after-dark theater where anything can happen. And, if you're coming on the last night of the Cycle, look for the awkward kid in the back reading a book with his PXP shirt. I look forward to your hello. 

Now, I'm going to go buy tickets to the Flea's entire season of shows. 

After I battle the MTA. 

P.S. I hope all the people here had enough common sense to vote for the Untitled Pilot about the President and his cabinet. I need to see more damn it.

Want to see it?

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