POST: 'School of Rock: The Musical' - stick it to the man

What's it about?

After being kicked out of his own band, a disorganized man who has dreams of sharing rock with the world poses as his best friend (who is a substitute teacher), recruiting young children as his band members to play at the annual Battle of the Bands competition. 

What I experienced?

"There’s no one who can stop...The School of Rock!"

Heavy droplets of rain coupled with roars of thunder and flashes of lightening did not stop me from coming out to see this musical. As well as others, there were parents, teenagers, and a whole bunch of small children who were highly anticipating this adaptation of the movie. I was excited, as I have never ever seen a Broadway theatre this packed. I was also excited because this time I was not alone. I was fortunate to take a very special person to their first Broadway show and have them experience the musical with me!


The show kicked off with the soon-to-be rival band, No Vacancy, playing their signature tune “I’m too hot for you”. Unfortunately, their creator, Dewey Finn, was too annoying instead of hot. This led to his removal from the band and the possible end of him getting into the year’s Battle of the Bands competition. In order to pay the rent and put an end to him living off of his friends and his condescending girlfriend, Dewey pretends to be his friend Ned Shneebly (who is a substitute teacher), and recruits young rich students as his new band members.

Now that I have basically summed up the movie, I must say that I could not stop comparing the musical to the movie which 9 out of 10 times leads to disappointment.

Personally, I felt like this musical adaptation of the movie felt like it was moving so fast, even though it was 2 hours and 13 minutes long. For example: the young girl named Tameka went from timid and painfully shy one moment to very outgoing and loud the next, which felt so sudden to me. As my special guest pointed out, it is very important for a character to have an arc. The climax and ending of the musical also seemed fast. I really wanted a bigger deal when everyone learns who “Ned Schneebly” really is. I really wanted a twist, but then again I did see the movie already.

What I really appreciated about this musical, that differed from the film, was that it focused more on the inner turmoil that the children went through. Yes, they came from wealthy homes and went to a private school that promised them futures at Yale…. or worst case scenario Cornell University!


However, they were often told to shut up or be quiet, and live their parents dreams of becoming... a certain kind of way. Hopefully, the parents in the audience learned from this mistake... but if they didn’t, then their kids can stick it to the man later in life!

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