POST: Brooklyn College's 'Royal Jelly' - I'm hella pissed

What's it about?

A group of cops turn into flowers and we learn about the secret life of bees. 

What I experienced?

I’m hella pissed. I’ve been accused of something I. DIDN’T. DO.

Before the performance, I was fine. Happy even. I was getting to see yet another show with my best friend. We were posting snapchat stories. We got lost, had an adventure, and even met amazing people that helped us on our way. I was fine. 

Then, the performance started, and my mood completely changed. Let me give you some context. Someone’s phone (not mine) kept going off. Some idiot kept holding their home button for too long, causing Siri to respond to whatever they were doing. This happened FOUR TIMES. At first, I knew it wasn’t me, but the more it happened, I decided to check just to make sure. This causes someone to blame me by the fourth time (#rude), and my phone gets taken away. At this point, I’m fuming. I KNOW it wasn’t me, but that doesn’t change that I was being blamed for it. And the MORON who was doing it got away with it. I’m guessing they didn’t want to get their phone taken away either, so they stop, making me look like the culprit.

This hinders my ability to focus, but I kept thinking about how the performers didn’t do anything to me, and tried to let it go. At this point though, I’ve lost the background context. Even still, I was insanely confused. Here’s what I gathered. It opens with these 3 cops, who stop this girl and accuse her of having drugs. She tells them it’s seeds, and they try it, turning into flowers. Not really sure what’s going on there, but okay. She spends the whole performance trying to help them, and every time she returns, she tells her life story. Like boo boo, they don’t care. They just want to be human again. Can you just?

Anyways, bees pollinate, very sexually I might add, and I’m guessing that there was some hinting to bees dying out which was unclear. Then, there were these songs. I’m not sure if they were sung by the police flowers or the bees or playing in the background like a soundtrack or what that was. They were just projections that confused me even more. The girl ends up taking two of the officers flowers, the WHITE ones I might add, leaving the African American flower, like really (#racist)? Then, just like that, it was over. I literally turned to Marisol like “hold up. That’s it?” The lights turn back on, and I’m like okay and clap along. Even now, I’m still pretty confused. Tons of WTF moments in this one. What did I just see? I’m not even sure I can tell you what this story was about. Was there even a story? Bro. I don’t even know.

The man who took my phone returns and asks me if it was my phone. I try my best not to let it get the better of me and explain that it wasn’t me because my phone was dead. This of course falls on deaf ears because I was already labeled the culprit. I get my phone back, and I show my friends. My phone starts to turn on after I hit the power button. With my phone, you can’t even access Siri without putting your passcode in when it restarts, but of course, they didn’t know that. I even went as far as trying to see what would happen if I had Siri on. You know what happened?

No sound. I turn my volume down. I hate being on the train and having my Snapchat stories play aloud. It’s insanely awkward.

Despite all of this, I walk away hearing the person who held my phone telling the story of the girl whose phone went off. How rude! At this point, I’m just offended. Frustrated. Speechless. They didn’t check like I did. They just cast their judgments, and at this point, I don’t know that I even want to go to another Brooklyn College show again.

What did you experience?

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