POST: 'Rooms' - I was in for a surprise...

What's it about?

Just listen... basically!

What I experienced?

I've never been to a show like this before.
I did not know what to exactly expect. All I knew about the play was that it had something to do with different rooms and there's a meaning to every room. Boyyyyyyyy, was I in for a surprise....

So, when I got to the theatre the hostess gave me my ticket and a playbill. She goes on to say: "The show is a little under an hour, you'll be walking through different rooms as you experience the show."
Me: "Walking? What do you mean?"
Hostess: "You will walk through different rooms with this show." 
Me: "Sooooo ummmmmm, are they going to give me headphones? Is there audio? ARE THERE ANY ACTORS?!"
Hostess: "There are no actors and the audio is in each room." 

I was confused, anxious, and excited... but mostly excited! I was so ready to do something new and experience a new kind of theatre for the first time. 

When the ushers set up audience members in different rooms I noticed that everyone else didn't know what to expect. My first room was called The Girls Bedroom! As the audio started I could hear people saying things like:
- "Where are the actors?"
- "Wait there are no actors?"
- "If they're going to give us audio, they have to give us text!"
- "I can't hear the audio!"

I was kind of glad that I wasn't the only one who felt like they didn't properly prepare and educate themselves about this show before seeing it. I said to myself, "Looks like we're all on the same page here."

The audio in The Girls Bedroom room was very dark. It was a woman narrating as her 6-year-old self. She was recounting all the darkness that was in her life. As the story got darker the already dark room started to get darker, the lights dimmed till the room went pitch black!

At first I thought my eyes were playing games with me. Like am I really losing my eyesight right now because nobody said anything about dimming any lights. IS THIS ROOM REALLY ABOUT TO GO PITCH BLACK?!
I'm pretty sure this was everyone at this point (but I couldn't see them...):

In the audio, the girl spoke about how much her family didn't care about her... how her father would tower over her bed at night, how she would pass the kitchen in fear, and how she passed her parents in the living room to go for late night walks alone. Her parents wouldn't even acknowledge the fact that she was leaving. 

She wasn't loved. I could feel it in the air in her bedroom. It was too dark for a 6-year-old. There was no light, no lively toys, no joy! The sad story, the exhaustion in her voice, the dull room... all factored into reasons why the room got darker over time. 

When the lights came on everyone went up in flames, screaming "I COULDN'T HEAR ANYTHING"
I said to myself "Damn, I have to stick with this group of people for the next two rooms? Am I going to hear anything?"

I wasn't ready.

As we made it through the audio of the second room (Room 303), I realized that this form of theater might be my new favorite. I loved how much I got to move throughout the experience. I liked the fact that I didn’t have to sit down for the entire time. It was something that I have never experienced before, something different but cool at the same time.

When we made our way throughout the final room (The Kitchen) I felt like the fact that this show was interactive resonated with me more than the actual play. I was introduced to something new, something that I liked and it made me want to see more like it!

It’s was a new kind of theatre for me and I’M SOLD!

Want to see it?

Sorry, this show is not currently showing :(

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