POST: 'Pride and Prejudice' - I did not see that coming, at all.

What it's about.

Pride and Prejudice is about this mother who wants her daughters to social climb for men and the issues that comes with trying to find a rich man.

My experience.

I walk into this theatre, and I’m like alright, this show is going to be boring as hell. Everyone around me was old enough to be my grandparent, and when I think Pride and Prejudice, I don’t exactly picture myself spending the entire show laughing my ass off. Boy, was I wrong. I tweeted right after because it was definitely not boring. 

What I loved was how unorthodox the entire thing was. The actors were deadass changing in front of our faces and sitting on people’s laps in the audience. Mary, one of the four Bennet children, with all sass intended, told the audience to applaud for her saying “you better clap, my exit is long.” I was like - breath of fresh air!

Mark Bedard literally stole the show for me because every character he played was a spectacle. Bedard played Ms. Bingley, Mr. Darcy's sassy sister, and Collins, an awkward cousin of the Bennet family. When he stepped out as Ms. Bingley vogueing to RuPaul’s ‘Cover Girl’ - I was in tears laughing. I did not see that coming, at all. Bedard would then quickly change into Collins who was so awkward it was hilarious. I kid you not, he spent about a solid four minutes fighting with a chair because he couldn't get back on it. He even had this cringeworthy stutter that would go on for like a whole minute.

The best entrance, though, was when Mr. Darcy graced our presence to the Star Wars ‘Darth Vader Theme.’ I was cracking up in my seat thinking that this theme song was more fitting for Mr. Darcy, than it is for Vader. His character was so dark and serious, he made Vader seem lighthearted. 

Honestly, I want to go see this show a solid nine more times, even if it's by myself.

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