POST: 'Present Laughter' - damn it, Gary...

What's it about?

A middle aged actor, in the midst of a mid-life crisis, is hit with various situations along the way. 

What I experienced? 

I have often wondered what it would be like to be a fly on the wall and see an ordinary person's life go by. This show made me feel exactly like that. I was a fly on the wall watching all this drama and these secrets come to life.

When I first went into the show I won't lie I had NO idea what to expect. As I sat down I noticed there were a lot of people who were all speaking a different language. This was amazing, I assumed that meant the show is popular! I think? I also noticed that most of the guests were older. I was like, come on, where are my peeps?! Turns out my peeps come in later, because early isn't how they roll. lol 

When the show began I literally went WOOOOOW!!! The stage looked like the inside of a house with ALL the details. This was the house of an actor named Gary and, let me tell you, this guy is a character!! I basically watched him go through his day-to-day as he dealt with such interesting people.  First person is this young girl, who I assume to be his groupie, that slept at his place because she "lost her latch key". Suuuuuure, like no-one could have opened up for you. Also, sorry, but this girl was like 19 and Gary was in his late 40's! GROSSS! My face literally said "bro, she's too young for you" but I really couldn't even hate him because he was so dumb - like in an over the top dramatic way. But this girl was obsessed with him and even came back later with her grandma, and I was cringing so hard she needed to just stop, I really wanted her to stop... for herself! 

Then there was this crazy fan/playwriting dude and he FREAKED ME OUT!! Luckily it wasn't just me, as Gary even said " he terrifies me" and boy did I understand. He was finding ways back to Gary's house and saying all these weird things... but the worst was his horrible laugh!! Anytime he came back on stage, I said, Oh PLEASE NOO WHY ME!!! Go away!!!!  I really felt bad because I love people but this guy was too much! I wanted to care but I just couldn't! I was really feeling bad for Gary, he had such crazy people pop into his life because of his job, like damn, I would be dramatic too if that was my life. 

Lastly, on top of everything else, Gary has a one night stand with this lady, Joanna. She, (just so you know), is married to his one friend and dating his other friend.... damn it Gary, get your shit together, its like why do you want your life to be hard! I kept looking at this lady, Joanna, because her face looked familiar and then it hit me, HOLY CRAP! She was Cobie Smulders, the one who played Robin in How I Met Your Mother and was in the Avengers! This is why I should read the playbill, because you never know who is in the cast! Okay, sorry, going back to what I was saying, Joanna was so manipulative. I swear Gary could not get a break and, to make matters worse, everyone wanted to run away with him to his job in Africa! LEAVE GARY ALONE!!! I was overwhelmed watching all of this, luckily he had his main people with him to help him out from his ex wife to his workers. I really hope things get better for Gary... 

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