Q: What happens if I fall asleep at the theater?

It's a tale as old as time. You see an ad for a show, you’re instantly amused, you buy a ticket, gather up an amazing ensemble, arrive, and BOOM - turns you didn't sleep last night and now you are a complete snooze-fest.

Well, if this has ever happened to you before... you know it ain't a good look. So, let me prepare you for a better future with 5 guidelines to help you gracefully doze off at the theatre.

1. Be aware of your surroundings.

Look to your left and look to your right, see if you’re sitting next to someone who’s eyes are glued to the stage. That’s an advantage, they’ll barely realize your inattentive and you won’t be judged.

2. Be cautious of the time.

It's best to stay awake throughout the first act and intermission, because it would be pretty disrespectful if you're noticeably knocked out in the first act and through the intermission, when the lights are on and people are paying attention.

3. Work with what you have.

This is when you basically can fulfill a dream of being incognito, cover your eyes with an oversized hat, oversized sunglasses, or put a scarf over your head so people won’t see your face as you... gently close your eyes.

4. Don’t literally fall asleep.

You can daydream and imagine yourself on vacation, maybe a tropical island surrounded by all your favorite foods. I mean, you don’t want to be in a deep sleep that’ll disable you from knowing when the play is over. And at the end, you don’t want to be sleeping and the only one left sitting in your seat, that’s embarrassing.

5. Stay attentive.

There’s a thin line between dozing off and still being aware. It’s okay to close your eyes but the most important step is to keep your ears wide open. Listen to when people laugh, cough, sneeze, and clap. Those are all signs that let you know that you’re in a public setting and not your bedroom. Pay attention to when you hear people laughing so you can form a fake laugh of your own to show that you're halfway there.

Make sure you keep your ears open throughout the end as well. It’s important to hear the last round of applause (which is always the loudest) because that’s when you get up and cheer your loudest as if you were awake the entire play, but you’re really clapping for yourself since you’ve just fooled everybody!

Do you have your own tricks?

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