POST: 'Power Over POTUS' - comedy, singing, sex, juicy gossip

What's it about?

Power Over POTUS takes place in modern day America. When a former presidential intern is invited back to work for the staff that runs the country, she is faced with a big, career-destroying opportunity. Sleep with our new orange president or continue her mediocre career as an intern? It takes the advice of former interns in her same position, to help her out!

What I experienced? 

It's no secret that the White House has had its fair share of scandals in the past. Actually, there's a whole TV series dedicated to JUST THAT. But the reason why I liked this play from jump was because of the fact that I feel we always hear one side of the story when it comes to events like this (political scandals). Let me know if you think I'm wrong, but I feel like in these situations the President's word is always taken more seriously than those who are also involved in the scandal. Regardless of where you stand, I've always believed that you should hear two sides of the story before you judge, and Power over POTUS does that. With a lot of raunchy comedy and action. 

Comedy, singing, sex, juicy gossip? How could I not like this play! Personally, comedic plays that are also about power or activism are right up my alley. So when I heard "FUCK" literally within the first few words of the play I knew I was in for a good one. A good one that didn't care about who is in the room or who is watching. Those are my types of plays. Besides the constant laughs, I could tell Erica Vlahinos (actor & producer) was trying to get a message across. I always love to take messages away from the work I go see.

Let's be real now. As a male, I know my opinion on women's issues and rights are nowhere near as important as those of a woman. Everyone deserves to have their voice heard equally, especially those who feel strong about certain topics. I was raised by all women, so seeing the struggles that the opposite gender goes through on a daily basis really helped open my eyes as a young male.

To all the men that whistle at girls in the street and then yell "FUCK YOU" when they don't respond, to all the men that have had multiple wedlocks but don't think a women's reproductive rights are her rights, to all the men that have kids and leave them to the mother, to all the men that think their opinion is stronger than women. This play is the FUCK YOU to you.

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