POST: 'Come Light My Cigarette' - what happened with me and this show

What's it about?

A girl faces her daddy issues and love affair head on.

What I experienced?

It's so funny that every time I've been in a church in the past 3 years has been purely for a show. Even weirder this time, I am here for a musical. Although, I’m betting there isn’t gonna be any rendition of “Go Down Moses” in here.

Story is, a “starlet” actress of some sort comes to terms with dealing with her daddy issues and her closeted affair with some big shot producer - who happens to be a women - and they all basically sing out the issues. In a really cheesy version of an old 1950’s movie. I don’t want to ever think that a show is too old school for me, but maybe. I did go on opening night and I know everyone has their own theories on what day is best to go see a show. Contrary to what I think is most people’s opinion, I always associated the first night as the ‘trying to get the mistakes out of the way’ show. And there was no shortage of small slip ups and awkward timing in this show’s opening night. 

During the show, I started focusing on the single mum that was on what seemed to be her first date sitting next to me - for anyone who cares it seems it was going well since the dude was asking about her kid and all that. Then there is the Russian trio (at least that’s what I called them since I don’t wanna give them really stereotypical Russian names). These three women really pulled through for entertainment in between this painfully awkward show.

It really takes a culmination of minimally shitty things to happen - as opposed to a big shitty trait - in a show for me to lose interest. I’d find myself trying to indulge in the cringe for most of the show, but my eyes would just go to either the couple next to me (date still going well) or literally anyone who wasn’t on stage. For the most part it was an older crowd at this show and I have to be honest it seemed like they were enjoying the show - some even laughing... at what, I don’t know. So, I’m really left wondering what happened with me and this show. I went through some process of elimination: I didn’t go in expecting it to be bad, so I didn’t jinx myself; the topic is in the pool of my usual interests; I was expecting to like the female/female relationship set in the 40’s (50’s, 60’s, I don’t remember) -- so, what happened?

Sucks to admit it, but I think a lot of the reason is pretty selfish. I got too wrapped up in how I would have done things or how they could have changed things to my liking and eventually I lost interest. Not to say that I completely ignored the show, it’s just, shit happens, you know? If anything this can served as an example that you aren’t always going to get into everything you end up going to, but don’t just peace out from the show instead try and see it through to the end, you never know what might happened by the time the lights come back up.

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