POST: 'Afterglow' - a good depressing love story

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LOVE: Go hard or go home.

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From the waiting room, I could tell they were practicing really hard ;) Lots of vocal and oral exercises I imagine. I mean it's such hard work doing such a physical show. Listen, I had to include these sexual innuendos in this article so strap on... in... Ok I’m done... kinda.  

"The climax is just the beginning" - yeah they weren't kiddin'. Middle of the stage, white sheets form what I've come to call the sex cube. That centre piece was both a bed and a shower on and off. Yes. There was water in this show. And yes a lot of beautifully sculpted bodies were under it and I'd like to thank the creator of such Adonis' #eyeswereblessed   

Afterglow, you have hot dudes, a shower, and likely a love story more heartbreaking than Romeo and Juliet. This show turned out to be the complete opposite of what I thought it would be. It was deep af, first of all - like, I was blindsided. The characters weren’t littered with gay stereotypes. It was a simple set up: 2 men (Josh and Alex) in an open relationship decide to have a threesome. This wasn’t some threesome born out of the need to spice things up or because they weren’t in love - it was a mutual decision made by two people who trust each other.

So, it’s springtime in NYC and Josh and Alex have invited over Darius for a fun night. Everything makes sense to me up until this point, but once I realized who Josh was, I knew this trio was fu*ked. Alex describes him to a T when he says that Josh is like a puppy - he always wants to play and be loved all the time. I love puppies, but god knows I wouldn’t be able to take care of one forever. Eventually puppies grow up, but it seems like Josh never moved on from that puppy stage.

Therein lies the issue when Darius comes into the equation. Darius himself is a pretty independent dude who touches people's bodies for a living, well not like that - he is a masseuse. Since Darius is all by his lonesome and Josh-the-puppy wants to be a pet, that leaves Alex in a confusing position. Darius and Josh start drifting off from the arrangement once their feelings start getting deeper and deeper. Of course to add to the imminent heartbreak, Josh and Alex are actually having a child through a surrogate. Yeah, they about to be daddies. Precious NYC daddies. FML.

I love a good depressing love story (it makes my pessimist's heart swell), but by far the best part of this story was the fact that there wasn’t really a ‘bad guy’ in this situation. Everyone in this whole ordeal was flawed, everyone fucked up at some point in this story. Although this may not fulfill the heart of all the romantics out there looking for a happily ever after, I sure as hell appreciated the realistic facets of these characters and the choices they made - also, because I live in perpetual fear of falling in love, but that's for another day.

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