POST: 'ACE' - how annoying are expectations?

What it's about.

A cab, a lad, and a rich dad. 

My experience. 


Immediately he gets points for that (see image above). If that's not the most aesthetically pleasing thing you’ve seen in 2017. Add on the fact that Europe’s “The Final Countdown” and most of the Rocky soundtrack is playing before the show. Instant gratification.

*Get ready for heavy sarcasm*

Before I go into the deep whole of nonsense that is my writing. I wanna take a moment to ask the theatres of NYC - "What's good with your lack of cell and WIFI service?" It's 2017 man, I need my digital fix, get it together. 👏🏻👏🏻

Okay, now back to regular programming:

So, not gonna lie I initially thought that this is the most privileged 💩 , like boo-hoo you ALMOST didn't get into Harvard? Oh, because you got so lazy - so sad for you 😑 . This story contains all the #privilegeprobs a rich person can ask for:

-Rich Daddy Issues - Dad is a Wall Street mogul who raised his kid with an iron fist and relentlessly wants perfection from their kid. That sounds familiar…..

-A Harvard student complaining about the college’s already very low standards towards their trust fund babies. What? They want you to write a shitty essay in exchange for a Harvard diploma? Ugh how annoying are expectations?

-More complaining about making good money (for an 80's city cabbie that being $50,000 annually plus the $20,000 for a freelance tv writing job).

You've truly gone through struggle.


Now, I don’t want to be too judgmental, but I couldn’t help it here. Everyone's story is unique to them and I get that. In this case my own pride won over and it was my judgment of the story that initially clouded my conclusion in the end. The end really…


When I came to the (somewhat far-fetched) conclusion that this is a story of a son who regardless of all his ‘struggles’ wants to be considered a winner in his father’s eyes. The only thing I could really cling to in terms of this being similar to what I consider relatable is the fact that chasing perfection doesn’t choose you based on ethnicity or financial status - wanting your parents to be proud of you doesn’t care about your skintone or how much money is in your pocket.

He (Ted Greenberg, the dude who wrote and performs the story) does this little card trick that I will admit was impressive, but I was still slightly annoyed by the ending. In the end, Ted gets his Harvard diploma and the validation from his father. Woohoo! Except for the part where I’m suppose to be happy for him, but…. I can’t be, because I personally know that to most of the people I know, life doesn’t come that easily to them.   

It appears I wasn’t the only one who thought that because, a pair of girls in the bathroom were speaking in Spanish about the fact that they didn't understand the jokes because the jokes were "more for THEIR people". In an ideal world, every story would be relatable to everyone on earth, but that’s never gonna happen. So, I feel conflicted. I have come to a sort of conclusion that this may have just been a show aimed a niche group of people that lead different lifestyles than my own.

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