POST: 'Pop Punk High' - he wants to be cool

What's it about?

A musical about a teenage boy named Derek who finds a magical bong in is attic with the ghost of Avril Lavigne who then grants him three wishes to make him the coolest guy at Pop Punk High. 

My Experience.

“And is shall be puuuuunnnkkked!” - Avril Lavigne's ghost when granting a wish.

When I picked this show, I didn’t know what to expect.  A kid finds the ghost of Avril Lavigne in his attic and she grants him three wishes? UHM, YES PLEASE.
I loved Avril Lavigne as a kid, so just the mention of her name got me excited!

I thought this would be like School of Rock, a musical about music, but it was so much more personal than that!  -- "This is gonna be an interactive show so if you don’t like it, SUCK IT UP."

For starters, I didn't know the show was going to be at a bar, so when my GPS said "You have arrived" and all I saw was the neon red lights from the Parkside Bar Grill - I was nervous I ended up in the wrong place. The first thing I noticed was the sign that said "No Persons Under 21 Allowed" on the window, but my 18 year old self had to investigate the situation. I stepped inside and asked the bartender if the show is going to be here, and he told me that it will be located in the back room. So it IS at a bar!  

Stepping into the show space - at the back of the bar - it looked like a small room where a live concert would be.  Small circular tables were all around and went all the way up to where the stage was - well, everything part of the stage technically.

Only once the show started I noticed that the whole room was set up for the show, the walls were filled with flyers for "The Battle of the Bands" and I didn't realize that until the actors were referring to the sign up sheets on the wall. There were points where the actors were dancing or talking right by our tables.  I would also have to turn back and forth to see the actors talking from across the room, and it was so much more exciting than having all the action take place right in front of me.

This truly was an interactive performance, so when the actors would dance around me and point at me, I was able to laugh and do a little dance back to them.  They wanted me to laugh! And trust me, I was laughing the entire show! This type of interactive performance was so different from any of the past shows I’ve seen because for the first time, the actors onstage didn’t have to pretend that the audience doesn’t exist.  In fact, it felt natural to cheer and make eye contact with the actors. Eye. Contact.  

As the show was set in 2006 and everyone in Pop Punk High was Punk, it reminded me of how my older siblings were during that time.  And as a little girl, I always thought they looked so cool with their graphic tee-shirts, spiked up hair, and chains on their belts.  I wanted so badly to dress like that! But, you know, I was seven and they were sixteen soooo... I really couldn’t.  But this show just brought all those memories back, and it also made me realize that in 2006 people really were pop punk!

Everything that came out of Derek’s mouth was hilarious and his thought process was so immature.
He wished to be the best skater at Pop Punk High in order to win Amanda Bunface’s heart - okay, fair.
He then wished to be the best band at Pop Punk High and win "The Battle of the Bands" - makes sense, he wants to be cool.
But his last wish was for a three, no an eight, scratch that - a fifteen foot penis. Because that’s what every girl wants.  

Trust me ;) … KIDDING, I’M KIDDING. Even the ghost of Avril Lavigne agreed with me, and she tried to tell Derek that no girl wants that, but Derek is trying to figure everything out on his own - and with his bong of course!

Derek's wishes all came true, and at the end of the day, it all works out for him.  As for his third wish?  Well, I can’t spoil *all* the fun. The priorities of a teenager are so misplaced, and as a teenager, I know that, so it was hilarious to see it all in a performance.

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