POST: CCNY's 'Pillowman' - this guy writes some dark shit

What's it about?

A writer is accused of committing crimes linked to the stories he writes. 

What I experienced?

Okay, I'm not gonna lie. I had a twisted relationship with this show.

I mean, this show was pretty twisted, so I probably am too because I LOVED that. So much so that I called my best friend shortly after to hear her reaction to the story line. The stories this guy writes are some dark shit, so here are a couple that caught my attention. 

The Appleman: The story of an abusive father and his daughter. His daughter shapes an apple into the shape of a man and tells her father not to eat it. Of course he does, but plot twist, there were razor blades in it, and he dies. Even bigger plot twist, the "applemen" come to get the girl for killing their brother and have her die from the same fate. Mind you, this is the first story I heard, so I was a bit baffled and found myself awkward laughing at how crazy the story was. 

The Tale of the Town on the River: A kid gets bullied, yet he still is hopeful and positive. A traveler comes down the road, and the kid offers the traveler half of his sandwich. The traveler is appreciative, and I'm just like aww I think I've heard this one. He's gonna give him something great in return. Wrong. He ends up cutting off his right toes. Like dafuk? What is this messed up shit? 

Best one of all? The PIllowman: People who contemplate suicide are met by the Pillowman, who hugs them. Time stands still, and he somehow goes back in time to convince them to commit suicide through a "tragic accident" in order to avoid the miserable life ahead of them. He ends up meeting a pillowboy, who sets fire to himself, which was where I got lost. Then, the PIllowman fades away and all that's left are the sound of people's cries because he was no longer there to save them. Villain? Hero? Neither? Both? What kinda mind games is this show playing? 

I feel like I entered the twilight zone. It was dark, but there was something about that that made it so unique. I'm not used to seeing dark shit in theater, so it was super cool to see how they tested the boundaries, and how creative dark people can be. Yeah. Yeah. I'm weird, but this shit? This shit is good. 

Want to see it?

:( Sorry, this show is not currently showing. 

What did you experience?

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