POST: 'PharmaBRO: An American Douchical' - BROOOOO HERE WE GOOOOO

What's it about? 

PharmaBro is the tale of Martin Shkreli and his dirty deeds within the Pharmaceutical business. He became what the show calls "a real life villain" by raising the prices of one of the worlds most important pharmaceutical drugs by like, 5000%. No, that's not a joke! A musical full of hoverboards, hip-hop, revenge, greed, and justice. 

What I experienced?

YOOOOOOOO BROOOOO, HERE WE GOOOOOOOO. So no that's not how the musical starts but I figured I'd get that long awaited yell out of my mouth first. First things first, I have to say that I had no clue who Martin Shkreli was before this play. I had heard his name but I couldn't piece together the act or name, with the person. Now that I know of him, he's a real douchebag. 

During this whole play, I watched in hopes that Martin gets what he deserves, which is completely valid and I'm pretty sure that's how they wanted me to feel... For those who don't know, Martin Shkreli was a CEO that hiked up the price of Daraprim from 13 dollars to $750, over night. Crazy, right?! So after a bit of research I found that Daraprim is used to treat parasitic infections, as well as AIDS in some cases. This is where the play, even though it was serious covered in jokes, became fully serious to me.

AIDS is no joke, and for those that have been affected by it, whether it be individuals or the family of those who have been diagnosed, it's not a subject to be toyed with. Imagine having something that affects your body constantly, something that you can't help AND the medication you need to take to live gets hiked up to insane prices. It honestly pissed me off to a point where my mind can't really even focus on writing this post. 

I know first hand what it's like to have to take medication daily as a necessity. I also know people who have been affected by HIV/AIDS and I can only imagine the struggles they go through daily. This is not something to ever be taken lightly. 

Knowing this as a sane human being, WHY would someone bump the price up quite literally by 500 or somewhat percent... just to make a profit? That baffles me, but is kinda the reason why I enjoyed PharmaBro. Even though it may not be entirely true to tale, it does give Shkreli his comeuppance which obviously is what I wanted to see.

Want to see it?

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What did you experience?

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