POST: 'Peter Pan' - WTF did I watch?

What it's about.

A retelling of the Peter Pan story by J.M. Barrie.

My experience.

Sooo... Wendy Darling stripped down to her underwear, legit turning on Peter Pan.

This barely resembled the Disney cartoon movie that I assumed I would be coming to see. I didn’t read the original book by J.M. Barrie, but I doubt this play resembled that either...

The poster I saw of the show had some guy (which turned out to be John, I think) dressed in the green Peter Pan outfit. I assumed it'd be some weird poetic play about an adult Peter Pan flying around in Neverland.

The play started out with Brad Heberlee crawling around on all fours, barking and carrying brown paper bags in his mouth. It took me a second to realize he was playing the nurse-maid-dog, Nana. Honestly, I never even seen a person play a dog so... brilliantly. This dog was one of the best parts of the play. It was exciting to see him run around rolling around on the floor and accepting belly rubs from his owners. 

However, when he transitioned to Peter Pan... all I can say is that my childhood crush on Peter Pan was eradicated.

I could not stand Peter from the moment he crawled in the window to the Darling’s nursery. I was completely turned off by his brash personality and idiocy. He acted like a child.

In the world of the play I knew that to Wendy, Peter was this attractive, confident, mysterious fellow with his talk of the magical Neverland, his flying abilities, and pixie friend. She loved how he made her feel valued by telling her that he loved hearing the stories she would tell her brother, especially the ones about him. It was so easy for Wendy to fall for him being a CHILD as NAIVE as she was. She quickly wanted a kiss from him and even though he gives her what she wants eventually (after stripping down),  the magic evaporated for me. Behind that dreamy exterior, Peter's a total bum. I saw that when things get tough he just sits back in his den and plays video games while expecting Wendy to fulfill the role of the stereotype mother - to clean and take care of the lost boys.

It was the only reason he brought her to Neverland and when she wanted to leave, I was cheering her on! - YOU DON’T NEED THAT LOSER! Tinkerbell was also cheering her on to go home, but only so she could have Peter to herself (idk why, tho).

This Tinkerbell was a fucking bitch. She had a bad temper, smoked cigarettes, and legit almost had the lost boys kill Wendy with a goddamn arrow to her heart. And for me, every time she came on stage she stole the show. I mean, right before she died she took in one last inhale of her cigarette. #legend 

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