POST: 'Oslo' - if I could wish for one thing...

What's it about?

A couple from Norway secretly devise a plan to help end the conflict between Israel and Palestine by getting its leaders together to come to terms of agreement. 

What I experienced:

This was a highly anticipated play for me to see, as people who know me are aware - I have been obsessed with the Israeli-Palestinian situation. Oslo talks about these relations with enough truth and its own twist on it. The play was shown at Lincoln Center Theater's The Vivian Beaumont Theater. Outside is so beautiful, with gorgeous wide steps, ponds, and running water fountains decorated with lights that reflects the water at night. Inside the theater was also beautiful, and very well organized with a stage I haven't seen before. It was circular (except for the back of the stage which was not shown to the audience). The theater and the way the seats are, are so amazing because everyone gets a good seat. There are no bad seats. However, I was shivering in my seats because it was unnecessarily cold.

As I was watching the play, I quickly realized that I had gotten so used to musicals and was thrown off guard with how dramatic this play was. I also felt lost because there were a lot of jokes that I did not get, but the other adults were laughing so hard. I was thinking that I needed to start watching CNN to get these jokes… and then I decided that I still don’t like CNN...

This is a sophisticated play that challenged my vocabulary, my sense of dry humor, and my ability to count how many times the F-bomb was dropped. Seriously, that is the only curse word that they used and abused. All in all, I was still able to delve into my current passion of learning more about this conflict between the Jews and the Arabs. The leaders were not willing to give up their pride and requests during their negotiation meetings. And while they were still reluctant on what belongs where, their people were still on land killing each other. Children pointing guns at each other, a flood of Israelis bombing Arabs, and vise versa.

The chilling situation caused other countries to secretly get involved to try and help, only seeming to make things worse (according to the play). At the end, the Israelis and Arabs were able to come to an agreement over the phone. I thought of what I would want if I could wish for one thing...  And it was for people to learn what tolerance is and have that in their hearts for others. If everyone had this, then there will be less violence. Sometimes I feel like I am repeating myself because I know that I have written similar wishes like this in my other posts. I wished that the ending of this play could have been the real ending of this war that has been going on for a 100 years. But instead, I left the theater with a heart filled with hope, a reminder to learn some political jokes to seem smarter, and a body full of goosebumps.

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