POST: 'On Your Feet' - and then, he says this one line...

What's it about?

Through a combination of live, concert style music paired with feel good theater, it's the true story of how Gloria and Emilio Estefan became who they are today. 

What I experienced?

You know. It’s funny. Before seeing the show, I had this whole article planned out. Write about the fun music that made you want to dance. Include the fact that they played your favorite song, “Conga,” and write about how you brought your adorable mother who was the best part of all. I thought that was what I wanted to write. I wasn’t expecting it to hit so close to home.

Yeah. The dancing and the music were great. Amazing even. It made me wish I was Latin American at points because it looked like tons of fun, but it was the gut wrenching scenes that, even now, I can’t stop thinking about. Like my favorite scene, where Emilio stands up to their manager, who tells them that they’re meant for the Latin American scene and that if they want to make it, they would have to change their names. Wrong move white boy. Emilio, enraged and rightfully so, gets right in his face and stands his ground. Sexy much? And then he says this line. This powerful line that still gives me chills. “This [his face] is what America looks like.” Can I get a mike drop? Cause boy, do you know how to preach. With everything going on from the Muslim to the Immigration Ban, hearing that line couldn’t have been more important because man, we are what America looks like. We are what makes America.  Even writing this now, I feel all this passion. Like yeah we are America dammit, and nothing and no one can take that from us.

"THIS is what America looks like." - Emilio Estefan 

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