POST: 'Office Hour' - those moments kept me on edge

What it's about.

Office hour is about a college student, an English major, who writes violently and viciously in his papers. His presence worries fellow students and teachers at his school but an hour in the office with one of his professors gives him the opportunity to talk about why he is the way he is.

My experience. 

Office Hour is playing at the Public Theater and I must say, that is one beautiful theater. I got my ticket and went up to the theater, walking into the theater I thought that I could sit anywhere.  However, with different theaters there are different rules and the usher directed me to my seat, which was in the first row, by the way. I was extremely excited when I found out my seat was in the first row and would later find out that it was one of the best seats in the house, in my opinion. 

I thought the play started off a bit boring because there were only three actors sitting at a table with high chairs and the light shining down on them. On the stage, the three professors were talking about Dennis, the troubled main character who is a student at their school. It started to get funny when the male professor was talking about how crazy the student was, through his writing. His reaction towards the student was funny to me, but not so much the content of Dennis’s writing.

Dennis wrote about violence and intense thoughts, such as incest. I was a little uncomfortable and thinking to myself - how could anyone be comfortable writing about such things? Yes, it was only a play but I am more than sure people do think about that in real life because if not, there would be no play including such a thing. It brought me back to a negative memory of when I was in 6th grade. A student in my class made a death list of several students he wanted to hurt. At the time I didn’t think it was serious but fast forward to today, I am so thankful that he never tried to act upon that death list.

The next scene was an actual office and it was pretty amazing to see how they were able to create an office on the stage. Dennis came into the office and from my seat, I felt how nervous Gina, his English professor, was standing in front of him. She was able to get Dennis to talk about some of his feelings such as feeling worthless, unattractive and less favorable than his sister.

One thing I noticed in the office space, was a clock that hung over the doorway. I pay very close attention to small details and I wanted to see if the clock hands actually moved and they did. I loved and appreciated the hands of the clock moving. Weirdo right?  

I knew that there would be a suspenseful scene because of how frightening Dennis’s demeanor was and how the professors said that they thought he would be capable of a school shooting, but I did not know that there would be multiple suspenseful scenes. There were gun shots, yelling and tense moments between Professor Gina and Dennis, and at one point another professor, David, but it was all in-between Gina's mind and reality. The jumps between Gina's thoughts and her reality was really easy for me to understand. All of those moments kept me on edge as to what was going to happen next.

One thing I will never forget is the smell after those scenes with the gun. The smell was TERRIBLE and I held my scarf over my nose for about 5 minutes afterwards. I was wondering if the smell was added on purpose or was the prop they used what created that smell? There were moments where I ducked, squirmed, screeched and clenched my teeth because those gun shots sounded so real and being that I was sitting so close, it terrified me even more. I just loved how suspenseful it was and the adrenaline rush that it gave me. I am pretty sure the people sitting next to me asked themselves - what is wrong with this girl? 

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