POST: 'Nowhere Man' - give me more time

What's it about?

When Paul McCartney is in a tragic accident, The Beatles need a man to replace Paul so that he can heal. Billy Campbell, winner of a Paul McCartney look-alike contest, the perfect Nowhere Man is given the opportunity of a lifetime to become the 5th Beatle. 

What I experienced?

I feel like this play might have been entirely different at some point along the course of its life. I could not shake this strange feeling as though portions of it had been cut out, as the actors dove from one avenue of conversation to another. It was as though I was entering and exiting rooms, catching bits of each. I could definitely see the narrative, the thru-line of the conversations, but each conversation was on a drastically different point. Characters repeated questions and answers in separate scenes to characters who, I thought, should have already known it. 

I also noticed that the program they passed out had photos from the production, and the characters were dressed differently, slightly staged differently from the performance I saw. 

What gets left on the cutting room floor during a production of a play? Of course, things get removed from the plot by the playwright as they review their work. First, second, twenty-fifth, and final drafts are going to look different from one another.

Most productions of Hamlet I hear about call themselves at the two-and-a-half hour mark, not the full four-plus that encompasses the full text. But, I hear that's just because three hours is too much for the audience, for some reason. Why, though? Let the show run into awkward times if it means we, the audience, get to be fulfilled, for fuck's sake.

What happened to Nowhere Man? A completely fine show, but I couldn't shake this feeling that there was some kind of time constraint. If they'd not had a ten minute intermission and let the scenes run into that time, I feel like I would have walked away from it more content. I mean the play ran ninety minutes, with that intermission. If they needed to keep the intermission, just an extra ten-fifteen minutes to let the play run. That's all I feel like I needed, more time. 

Bring me Nowhere ManThe Writer's Cut and let me see what this play might have been in a longer, time-breaking draft. You've got me on board with your plot and your characters, just give me more of the story I came to see. 

Want to see it?

Sorry, this show is not currently showing :(

What did you experience?

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