POST: 'Not That Jewish' - a good laugh can always bring me up

What's it about?

Monica Piper, a middle aged woman delves into her Jewish heritage and how it has shaped her to the women she is today with the help of important figures in her life.

What'd I experience?

Thank God, the show was taking place a block from my school. After only 15 minutes, I had quickly reached my destination. The theater was industrial. It reminded me of the badass movies with the good guy fighting the bad guy in an abandoned warehouse, pretty cool. I was extra early which meant snack time, bathroom break, and... observe every person walking into the theater. I began to get really bored because I came so early, so I decided to read the playbill. I have never heard of Monica Piper but I have seen the show "Rugrats" (as a child), a show she was an executive producer/writer.

Soon the seats began to get filled, and was told abruptly by two teens that I was in the wrong seat, who knew! I realized my actual seat was directly across to where a row of elderly people were sitting except the one seat on the end, my seat. The show got on its way and a petite, brown hair, Jewish woman, as she (Monica Piper) describes herself throughout the show, appeared on stage. Her wit, smile, and facial expressions quickly got me to laugh uncontrollably and become emotional depending on what stage in her life Monica was talking about. Monica Piper went from a Bronx native Jewish girl to a nationally recognized comedian/writer and we (the audience) saw a glimpse of that through the stories she told. Her imitation of the people who played significant roles in her life was priceless, from the New York accent her family members had to the jokes they would say in the saddest moments. 

The black and white images that appeared on the screen of those people who played significant roles in her life was like putting a face to the person. Throughout the show Monica mentioned her father and it was not till the end of the show that I realized that he helped her realize her true talent, to make people laugh.  Monica touched base on how Jewish she is, how Jewish she can be, and if being Jewish defines if she is a good or bad person. I do not believe culture or religion defines someone, it is indeed apart of someone that makes them who they are. Her dad along with other countless role models always said "as long as you have a Jewish heart, you will go far in life with laughter". That is the saying she goes by everyday when talking to her son, accomplishing goals, and thinking about those that have long passed but remains in her heart at all times.

Monica Piper's Not That Jewish was a dose the laughter that I needed and a good kick of realizing that not everything is perfect. I will hit a couple of bumps in the road of my journey called life, but hey, as long as I am living and breathing, a good laugh can always bring me up from being down. 

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Sorry, this show is not currently showing :(

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