POST: NYMF's 'Night Tide' - a musical with a mermaid, I'm ready!

What's it about?

A young naval sailor named Johnny is on shore leave when he falls for a beautiful women named Mora. Everything is great until he suspects that she might be Siren that lead her last two boyfriends to die. 

What I experienced?

The moment I heard about a musical that involved a mermaid who (possibly) leads people to their death, I was ready! I was so excited because the combination itself was just so weird. YAS! 

The show began with a beach scene. The life guard starts singing and all the other people on the beach join. DUH! it was really good music. Suddenly, scenery changed and we're in an amusement park type place.  (I really felt like I was at Coney Island and had me reminiscing on my past times there #GoodTimes).

Like most romances, there was the guy (Johnny) who fights for the love of the beautiful woman (Mora). Mora worked with this creepy show business dude at a side show on the board walk that claimed to have a real mermaid. SHE WAS IN A COSTUME! #Fake I was like, oh, I thought it would be a real mermaid. But then all of a sudden the creepy stuff happened. We find out that Mora had two boyfriends who were found dead on the beach from drowning... OH NAH! chill. If I was Johnny I would have bounced. He was even confronted by a psychic who read Johnny tarot cards and suddenly SCREAMED! I jumped. I was actually scared. She told Johnny two people were destined to die and he was destined to fail if he stayed. UMM I don't know about you but wouldn't you listen to these red flags?!?!

But DUM DUM Johnny could not give Mora up, #Stupid, and spent the night with her no matter all the warnings. Mora then said " it's time Johnny" and said they should take a boat ride. YOOOO, I was like I can't deal, this guy is so stupid! Then all of a sudden Mora jumps off the boat and Johnny cant save her! wait, what??

Turns out Mora was NOT a mermaid, and she drowned. It's complicated but the show guy was so obsessed with her that he convinced her of all these lies and killed her boyfriends to keep her to himself, GROSS. When he found Mora dead he dressed her up and still was having a show with her dead body. Johnny ran to see her and was almost killed by this creepy guy! Luckily Johnny got the gun and shot the guy in self defensive (yeah, the predictions were right). I had mixed feeling, I knew he had to defend himself but damn he could've prevented all of this! 

Then Johnny was about to leave when he heard Mora calling him to the sea and the end! WHAT??? was she or wasn't she a mermaid? I thought she was dead...

Want to see it?

:( Sorry, this show is not currently showing...
But, it's part of a festival of musical:

What did you experience?

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