POST: 'My Eyes Went Dark' - the road to forgiveness or revenge

What's it about?

The road to forgiveness or revenge.

What'd I experience?

I could barely walk...

I've never been the best in sports, but that did not stop me from playing football with the kids in my church. I was doing pretty well... I was catching the ball, scoring touchdowns, sounds perfect right? Life was good. Until this kid was going for the ball at the same time I was and, of course, I'm the one who lands on his ankle. I see everyone staring at me, I had no idea what to do. I wanted to act like everything was fine but in reality, all I wanted was to call my mother for help. In the process of trying to keep my manhood, I felt my ankle make a weird noise. But a little ankle issue was not going to stop me from watching a play today. 

As I'm walking through the city in pain looking for the theatre... All I'm thinking is 'Why are these blocks so long?' I feel like everyone around me is walking super fast and I'm walking in slow motion.

I can tell the usher wants to ask me if I'm 'ok' but she doesn't and I'm actually glad because I was over it at this point. 

The pain is increasing at this point and the show begins. Nikolai Koslov is introduced and he seems extremely weird. I say this because he was actually talking to himself. I could not piece together why he was doing that. Not until later, when I find out Nikola is traumatized about the events that occurred with his wife and children, who were killed in a collision between two planes while en route to joining him. I truly felt bad for him, he didn't seem as crazy to me anymore. Dealing with death is not always easy. I felt like I was dealing with a physical pain (my ankle) and Nikolai was dealing with an emotional one. Am I reaching at this point? lol. 

At this point, my ankle is swollen and I know it is bad because I can see it even though the theatre is extremely dark. I felt it beating like a second heart. According to Nikolai the only person to blame for this crash is an air-traffic controller, Thomas Olsen. This is where the two different roads to revenge and forgiveness begin for Nikolai. As well as for me... I can find that kid who was the reason I hurt my ankle and try to do the same to him or I can move on and stay away from sports. I'll decide when I'm in the emergency room tomorrow...

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