POST: 'MOPE' - when they say explicit content, they mean explicit

What's it about?

Mope: a Male porn actor, often less known and less important, kind of in the background. Usually they do some of the dirtiest work in porn. 

What'd I experience?

I'm escorted into a cargo elevator and taken 5 floors up to what looks like an IKEA showroom, but turns out to be the Mope set. A wooden box with the "showroom" at the center of that small room with a capacity of 30-ish people. It’s a pretty intimate area, so naturally I take a seat the seat closest to the stage. Having seen the show, I can’t conclude whether I regret or applaud myself for taking such a close seat.

When they say “explicit content” they mean explicit, man. I have zero issues with nudity, I actually consider it one of the most beautiful things that can come from the human species so I really appreciate when it’s used in a tasteful and meaningful way. Although there were the occasional gasps throughout the performance, I could tell the nudity wasn’t just thrown in there for shock value, after all, the story being told takes place in the porn industry. In reality, nudity is a casual side effect of life but even more so for people who work in porn. I feel like, nudity really shouldn't make people as uncomfortable as it seems to.

Emotions are also in their barest form in Mope, which to me was more shocking than seeing a nude guy. Especially because Trevor (the mope) is accurately described as an ignorant “white-trash Tazmanian Devil”. Frankly, he comes off as a douchebag in the beginning but eventually the more layers that are peeled back the more I start to see a desperately weak man craving genuine affection.

I am not well versed in the porn industry, but I think it would be common sense to assume that most people that work in it try to keep things from being anything more than physical. For Trevor that had been the case up until a new girl moves into the apartment across the hall. Being the ignorant a-hole he is, the first things out of his mouth are stereotypes about Asian girls, based on the fact that the new girl is in fact a petite ‘hot’ Asian girl who he thinks would do well in porn because “shit must be easy for her” being that she’s hot and Asian.

It’s sad to say, but sometimes I feel like this world is plagued with people like Trevor, people that have been infected with an obsession over masculinity. It is really a waste of a potentially great guy, and I don’t consider the porn industry as being the reason for this (it’s an influence). I can’t really fault it because Trevor’s roommate works as a porn actor and is the complete opposite of a douchebag. He is sweet, professional, and most of all respectful toward the women he works with. It’s the very reason he is booked often and other women ask for him as a partner. Not only that but he is 9 years younger than Trevor (34 yrs old) and black.

The guys are ultimate bros and it’s great until jealousy comes into the mix. Fear and jealousy are incredibly powerful feelings and as soon as they infiltrate people’s heads, it’s hard not to lose control. Trevor’s mind is already weakened by the thought of his buddy doing better than him, add on the lack of female affection and a mother’s suggestion to move back to the midwest and you get... *SPOILER ALERT* an apartment with two dead bodies.

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