POST: 'Miss Saigon' - there was a helicopter in our faces

What's it about?

A Vietnamese woman and an American G.I. have a relationship, only to be torn apart at the end of the Vietnam War. She spends years finding her way back to him to let him know about their child. 

What I experienced?

I have been in a relationship with this girl that I met in college since the beginning of May and we have been through a real roller coaster in our relationship up until this point. My girlfriend is a Theater major, and she has been dying to go see a Broadway show... specifically Miss Saigon. She's a bigger theater head than me, I mean, she makes me look like a scrub when we're next to each other when it comes to theater and I have been in school for a quarter of my life for this as well. 

I got her tickets, two weeks prior, to go see Miss Saigon. Luckily, I got them when I did because a day before the show we got into our second biggest argument and this was a really good "I'm sorry". I forgot how good the gift of Broadway tickets can be, especially to a #TheaterGeek. 


When we arrived at the theater, she was excited. She blocked out everything, including me, and just focused on the Broadway Theater, LOL. I had not seen her that happy in a long time... not even when she sees me is she that happy, and I'm great!! Anyways.... we picked up the tickets, took thousands of selfies, had a photoshoot, and snuck in some munchies... perfect!!  

She is the kind of person that listens to the soundtrack before she sees a show and I guess that's a normal thing. Funny thing is, she had seen this show before but it was when she was very young (like 2 or 3 years of age). Her parents had no idea that the show had adult content, so they had her go to sleep for it back then. She has waited for over a decade to see this show. P.S. I underestimated how old this show was. 

The show was a story of deception and love. It was a great example of purity and innocence being manipulated and destroyed in a human being while in love, along with being in another country. The scene that had me and my girlfriend really holding each other at the edge of our seats, was the flashback scene in the second half. The illusions displayed on the set, using lighting and staging, were amazing. It was like they really created a freaking 5D experience!!!! I was losing my mind when there was a helicopter in our faces with wind blowing our hair.

My favorite character had to be the Engineer (pimp), his hustle game was so strong. He called her half American son a "passport" for pete's sake, that's cold. He reminded me of this wonderful actor that I know too, Fe Torres. Looked just like 'em. 

Every time I see a Broadway show, I feel like these stories on Broadway add a kind of energy to me, a real force to be reckoned with. I’m left with a refreshed sense of ambition within me, most of the time when I see a Broadway show. Seeing these characters overcome so much even if there is no happy ending, it’s incredible. It was good reminder for me, as young adult almost fresh out of college.

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