POST: 'Miss Saigon' - do you need a tissue?

What's it about? 

A love story turns into a tragedy. 

What I experienced:

Flu season has arrived and is striking hard every New Yorker in sight. I tried extremely hard to avoid getting sick. I stopped talking to some of my co-workers because they had the flu, as well as classmates of mine. But somehow the flu has found its way to me, and to top it off I'm on my way to watch a show while I'm half dead. When I arrived at the theatre a lot of people were looking at me, I can tell they wanted to ask me " are you ok?" or "do you need a tissue?" But I was far from ok and I needed a lot of tissues because the amount of mucus I had could cover this attire theatre. I may have not one single tissue but I have a pack of halls so coughing is not going to be a problem.   

I wish I had a cool description of how the play started but I have no idea because I was too busy coughing and looking for my halls. I literally had to step out of the theatre because of how loud I was coughing. Right when I walked back into the theatre Kim was singing, I literally felt it was the voice of an angel. Suddenly my coughing stopped and I was glued in. This is when Chris comes in and starts to sing as well. I was so into the show that I did not mind that is was a love story. Kim and Chris together just seemed so right. But of course in every love story there has to be something that goes wrong. I had a flashback at this point to when I was younger watching novellas with my grandmother and how the couple would be so in loved but then something would always come up. Now I'm back from the flashback and so is my cough, I can sense the woman next to me getting frustrated.  

The tragedy starts when Chris has to go back to American and leaves Kim in Vietnam. This broke my heart and I started to cry, not because of what happen but because I was trying really hard not to cough so tears were coming out my eyes. The most amazing thing happened, where the lady that was annoyed with me in the beginning of the play, actually gave me a tissue. The night got even better... there was an actual airplane on stage, yup, I can't even believe it. The airplane was used to take Chris and his crew out of Vietnam, talk about a diva exit!!

Intermission came and I really wanted to go home. After walking around the lobby trying to talk myself out of it  I decided to man up and just pop another halls. As I walked backed into the theatre, the Engineer was already on stage. This character was so funny, he did a ten minute singing monologue of jokes about strip clubs, and of course he ended the monologue with a Donald Trump joke. When this happened the entire theatre erupted in laughter. Deciding not to go home was a good decision because this moment took my mind off being two coughs away from my death bed.  

In every romance film or show I've watched there is always a baby involved in the equation. Therefore I was not surprised to find out Kim was pregnant and Chris was the father. I'm a terrible person because I pictured both of them being on the TV show Jerry, and the audience just yelling out "Jerry, Jerry, Jerry... Chris you are....blackout" I come back to reality and Chris is back in Vietnam, to meet his first love and his son. This meeting turns into a disaster because Chris is actually with his new wife. I'm here thinking the show was going to end with a happy ending, but I was wrong.. I don’t want to spoil it but someone dies. It wasn’t me, by the way, I survived the flu.  

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