POST: 'Miles Thorn: Master Illusionist' - he tells us that he's gunna teach us a trick, YES!

What's it about?

Winner of New York's talent, Miles Thorn puts on a magic show filled with illusions, tricks, and surprises.

What I experienced?

As soon as I walk into the show, I immediately thought "dear god, what have I done?" 85% of the audience were CHILDREN. My worst nightmare. Automatically, I think that this is going to be one of those lame shows with obvious sleight of hand. While I wouldn't say it was "lame," it definitely catered to a much younger audience. Everything was SUPER exaggerated. The show opens with Miles trying to pump up the crowd, and it's like dude this is a magic show, not a concert. For the fifth time, no, I do not want to MAKE SOME NOIIIIIIIIIIIIIISE. Get to the tricks.

There are plenty of classic tricks, like him disappearing from a locked box. Although I was kind of like, really, this guy won a big competition and his first trick is disappearing from a box where the back drop is a curtain? Like, come on man. And then there are all of these grand gestures to make it more amazing than it is. His two assistants (there's always assistants) come out in what is basically fancy bikiniz, and I'm like why do assistants always gotta be dressed so skanky? This is a children's show. I mean, parents, don't you feel uncomfortable with this? Just curious. 

A trick that I still haven't figured out was where a random audience member picks between two books, picks a page, and then picks a word from that page and writes it down. He guesses said word. And I'm like... how did he do that? and I'm thinking, it's gotta be the writing down part. Cuz there's no other way he could've known. I'm also suspicious because he tells her to write it down because people always forget. 

I always think I would be a troll if I were to participate in these kinds of shows because if I were her, I'd be like ummmmm, no, I'll remember, don't you worry... #magicfail.

I'm all entertained, and I get excited because he tells us that he's gonna teach us a trick and I'm like YES! YES! Teach ME! So he shows us the good ol' handkerchief disappearing into the fist but with a twist. So, it disappears and turns into an egg. Then he shows the other side of the egg was actually hollow with a hole so that the handkerchief could go in... and I'm like ohhhh!!! see, yeah, that's just visual manipulation. YES. 

Want to see it?

Sorry, this show is not currently showing :(

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