POST: 'Measure For Measure' - basically its about a crappy dude

What it's about.

Measure for Measure is a Shakespeare play, and in true Shakespeare fashion has an excessive amount of plot twists and dramatic scenes. But basically its about a crappy dude named Angelo who does the most to get laid. And by does the most, I mean he attempts to manipulate a pretty girl using the power granted to him in the workplace. But there was an even bigger plot twist in the end when Angelo gets caught and rightfully punished. 

My experience.

So I sit down to this show, and I was lucky enough to have AMAZING seats, next to this really nice old couple. The theater was small which is always a blessing, it's so homey and cute af. so I was ready to see this show. The show starts and the actors are dressed from the 1930s and they're talking in Old English. They were talking so fast and I was just like...

But then I realized it was because they were reading from the teleprompter thing behind the seats, and for some reason it was set to go really fast. Idk who was in charge of that but I'm just happy none of the actors passed out after their monologues - bc DAMN. Now when the show started and the Duke dressed up as a friar, I was just sitting there like... why does Shakespeare always write about nosy friars getting involved in everyone's business???

So right away I was like aight everything's gonna go wrong. 

Bc this show was a  Shakespeare play, I didn't expect anyone to walk in with Jordan's and a Supreme hoodie. But with all the sexual jokes (oh and there were many) it was even funnier hearing the delayed laughter of the senior audience. I could hear them taking time to think about what Lucio could've possibly meant as he thrusts his pelvis into the air ferociously.



As the story unfolds I almost forgot that the story was written in the 1600's. Seeing a man abuse his power is such a sad, timeless story - they've always done it, they still do it. So, to say I was salty was an understatement.  

and then I watched the story of a sexist pig get what he deserves and I was like YESS. 

Especially with everything going on right now with Harvey Weinstein... Men in a position of power have been abusing their rights for so long that Shakespeare was writing about it even back then. It's just so disappointing. Women are constantly being told that we cant be put in a position of power because we're weak. Yet men don't even know how to act when a pretty girl walks into his office. What's even worse is that society accepts it, so long as you're a white man with money, its okay. But seeing a man get what he deserves for acting a fool was kind of refreshing. And the best part? The person who did the serving of Justice was none other than the Duke- who was also a man in a position of power. So good for you Duke. 



The fact that Shakespeare was able to write something that applied to people in his life time and then for it to be preformed hundreds of years later and still get a reaction out of the audience is the reason he was such an amazing playwright. The struggles, the jokes and even the societal values were applicable then and are still applicable now.  

When I walked out some really nice old lady said "it was a really good show, I didn't expect it to be - because of the Times review, but really good" and then walked away before I could respond. So, I read the review on the train ride home and...

See it.

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