POST: 'Me the People' - so much shadeeeee

What is it about?

Me the People is a play that pokes fun at the presidency of Donald Trump. From the numerous news scandals, Cabinet members, and family - no one is off limits!

What I experienced?

Coming into this play, I was immediately in a good mood because I had an upstairs corner booth with comfy leather chairs. After a long day of work, a late night play requires being comfortable. The play starts with the insinuation that the Constitution is no longer being followed, with a parody involving the founding fathers coming out and editing the Constitution. It was ehhhhhhh. I wasn't really excited about a song and dance about the Constitution. And even though they were super obvious jokes and jabs at DT, it was hella funny. 

The show starts picking up with a whole number on the Hotel Mar-a-Lago, which makes fun of Melania Trump, Mike Pence, and Ivan Yanovich. What I was really digging was this one actress that was really into each of her characters. When she was on stage, I felt like she was the personality of the character. For Melania, she was confused and rehearsed, looking around a lot and glancing at note cards. She also played a great Ivanka - posh, calm, and collected. Another actor with her was on the same level as her and together they were a hilarious duo. He played Jared and they both tap danced to "Good morning" and it was so unexpected and exaggerated - it caught me off guard!

I really loved scenes that surprised me. In one scene, Paul Ryan and the House of Representatives are talking about the new health care reform act. Then they start to chant "repeal/replace, repeal/replace" with a background owimawei owimawei to "In The Jungle." Then one of the actors busts out a bongo and starts drumming along, screaming "oooooeeeeeee" in the highest pitch, with the others chanting and it is HILARIOUS. Then, there's another scene where Bill Clinton is talking and all of a sudden he whips out a saxophone and starts jamming like whaaaaaaat are all these talents!

It ends with Hilary Clinton singing a "F*** You" remix and I'm dancing and jamming while also sporadically saying "ohhhhhhhh" at the underhanded comments that are made. There is SO MUCH SHADEEEEEE. They're really direct, but I realized I should probably be more politically informed because there were a bunch that went right over my head. A lot of it was a bunch of "mmmmmmmhhhhmmmm" and "ohhhhhhhhh" mixed with lots of laughs. In these trying times, a girl could use a laugh.

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What did you experience?

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