POST: 'Mankind' - women are extinct

What it's about.

Women are extinct. So, what's next...  

My experience. 

I asked the ticket booth if they could sit my friend and I together, so they changed our seats to alllll the way in the back row. Playwrights Horizon is a pretty intimate theatre so I didn’t mind. It’s always an anxious feeling when bringing a non-theatre person to the theatre because you want to make sure they’re entertained, as well as respecting theatre etiquette they may not know.

The centerpiece of the set was rotating, all I remember is a bed, and then some machine room. It started with Mark telling Jason he was pregnant. YES. Lol so basicalllyyy women have become extinct due to improper treatment and rights. It was so much DUDE this. Dude that. I wanted to shove dude up my… dude. LMAO. No seriously. And it was a repeating conversation through the play, so you can imagine how annoyed I was. Like I'm not gonna lie, I was definitely like, is that how us minorities sound when using the N word too much… interesting…

The show was very satirical. VERY funny. I enjoyed every bit and so did my friend. It played on religion the whole time and women's rights. It was such a mirror message. On why women should have the rights they have and how easy it can be to corrupt religion. “How much money are they offering?” Was a constant thread which is a very human-like thought process but when juxtaposed with religion, you see how evil things can get.

I asked my friend who’s VERY political, what issues did she notice the play was about because there was a lot… to my surprise, she told me that she was actually just paying attention to the character relations. She grew so attached to Mark and Jason that she almost cried at the end when something had happened to one of them. I was like yeahhhhh, you’re right. She is about 15 years older than me looking at the little details, while I, the youngin was looking at the more political issues. I definitely found that interesting lol. But she wasn't wrong, there was extreme growth between Mark and Jason, they went from fuckmates to kingmates and learned about each other in between.

The end, everything came in full circle with life and everything. After the show, #ubereverywhere(ing) to my house, my friend told me she couldn't stop thinking about the play and how amazing it was. And she, someone who never spoke about religion or God, started talking about her experiences and relationships with God.
Theatre again for the win! Opening hearts and expanding minds <3

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