POST: 'The Lion King' - I hate to fanboy, but...

What's it about?

Do I seriously need to tell you what The Lion King is about? 

What I experienced?

I really hate to fanboy. But I'd be lying to you if I said I wasn't excited about seeing this play all evening of Saturday into Sunday Morning. I remember seeing this play when I was 8 years old and like, dying for all the merchandise after. It was a good feeling to be a kid again. 

Outside may have been raining literal hell on 42nd Street, but inside my soul was raining childhood memories. After arriving at the theater through the blistering rain, my heart couldn't help but to feel like it was at home again. Its theater home. The audience was diverse, the food was reasonably priced - like what more could you ask for during a Broadway play? They even threw in a Frozen joke during the play ('cause you know Disney HARDEEHARRHARRR) which meant to me they've been keeping up with the times. 

What made me even more proud was realizing how much African influence there was in this play. You know when you see things as a kid but you never really like, "see" it? 'till you get older? This was totally that moment. In the current political climate we live in, it's amazing to see people of all cultures admire the beauty of Africa on stage. It just feels good to see some of your roots on stage as an African-American or African native. Now, yes, The Lion King has been Disneyfied, but to see a whole cast of one of Broadways most successful and longest running shows, be black! It made my childhood nostalgia just that much sweeter. 

In typical Kory fashion, I ended up dropping my Lion King Icee cup on some lady's jacket while exiting the theater after the show. She seemed really cool about it though, so shoutout to that random lady that got blue slush all over her and didn't freak out. You the real MVP ma'am. ;)

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