POST: 'Latin History For Morons' - I will always be proud of my roots!

What's it about?

A man tells us the history of Latin America through a story and lessons.

What I experienced? 

My experience for this truly hit home! The way I felt and how my excitement stayed with me throughout the entire time was unbelievable. As a Latina who has both read John Leguizamo's work and watched multiple movies with him, including Moulin Rouge! since age 9 (don't ask why I was watching it that young, bc I don't even know, but I have loved it ever since).

Walking in, I was getting out of my OMG! mood - it was my first time at The Public Theater and it's soooooo chic! I mean, the furniture was so funky, I was in love. The theater space was similar to a lecture hall where the seats are all around a circular stage. The set up was basically books and a chalkboard with some cabinets... I really felt like I was about to be in class. Hmmm.

When the man of the hour, JOHN LEGUIZAMO, came out I was like YAAASSSS!! in my head. The way he was dressed and acted reminded me so much of a professor whose class I stayed respectfully quiet throughout. The way he spoke was just like the way I enjoy my professors to speak. He began to tell us about his experience with his son and the bullying he was having for being Latino. LIKE WTF. I canNOT emphasize how much discrimination irks me, and being Latina myself... it hit home. I could really feel his comments, they were like an open wound on my heart.

So when he talked about his research of Latino heroes - I was fascinated! I kinda forgot it was a show, so I was annoyed that I didn't have a notebook to write all the information down. He pointed out the impact Latinos have had in and on this world. I swear, I could have cried. He was basically giving a huge middle finger to all the discriminators... and I couldn't be happier! 

At the end there was a speech from his son (which he portrayed, he was great at showing all the people in his life btw), and what hit me was "Latinos have always lost from the beginning, but guess what, we are still here! And that is pretty amazing so my hero is ME!" yeah!!!! Me too, kid, me too. I will always be proud of my roots! 

PS. I got to meet John Leguizamo after and he is so nice!!! Full of honesty and truth. 

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