POST: 'La Canción' - Rafa wants to be the next Daddy Yankee

What's it about?

A Puerto Rican young man in the Bronx trying to find his way through life, but when he finds la cancion everything changes. 

What'd I experience?

I'm currently struggling at the moment financially because my job isn't giving me enough hours, so paying for this metro card on a Sunday is hurting my soul. Yup its true what people say - Dominicans are cheap! And I am proud of it! I would hop the train but I did the math and I know I would end up getting a $100 ticket. I'll just pay the $5.50 train fair. I just want to send a quick shout out to the MTA the trains were actually working with no problems. Made it to the theatre on time.

I've been to the Repertorio Espanol theatre before but this time I was more observant. I have been to a lot of theatres but by far this one is my favorite. Maybe I'm being bias because there were so many Latinos in the waiting area. For the first time I'm not the only young adult! I just love seeing other young people watching theatre.  

La Cancion, my first Spanish play. The excitement I'm feeling is noticeable because I have the biggest smile on my face. Here comes Rafa - a young aspiring Puerto Rican kid trying to become the next Daddy Yankee. If you guys don’t knot who Daddy Yankee is please google him (He's the guy who sings the song about gas.... Gasolina).  

Rafa's mother died when she was giving birth. But he was raised by his grandmother (Abulita) The relationship they had with each other was beautiful. Just seeing how they both had each other's back really made me miss my grandmother, she lives in Dominican Republic. But in that moment, I was very happy because I just felt my Abulita was right next to me watching this play. 

Wait! I forgot La Cancion was a musical until Rafa starts to sing his lungs out to Angie. She is his next door neighbor who has been his crush ever since he was a little boy. The song does not work because she gives him the biggest rejection I have ever seen. Oh brother, I have been there, just without the singing and dancing. I don’t want to talk about it too painful to write.  

When I was young I had a friend, his name was Jeffrey. My mom didn’t want me to hang out with him because he was too animated and I got in trouble a lot when I was around him. Star was that friend to Rafa. Star was so hyper and a very good rapper. He had bars... every time he spoke I heard cars!! Ok, that was my attempt to rap. Their friendship was very fun to watch and they made a good music duo. I'm terrible with lyrics but they did a really good song that I was clapping along.  

Fast forwarding to Rafa cleaning his Abulita's closet, he comes across this cancion (song) disk. He falls in love with this song. He just keeps repeating it over and over non stop. This song had to have some meaning to him because the smile on his face let me know it had significant value in his life. This cancion begins the start of unwanted memories from Abulita. 

Abulita has been hiding the disk from Rafa for a long time because his father wrote it for his mom. The father Rafa has never met. Abulita couldn’t hold this secret anymore and told Rafa the truth about his dad and the cancion. This leads to Rafa finding his dad Rafael. From this point everything starts going Rafa's way, oh, and he gets Angie. What a great ending!

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