POST: 'Kid Victory' - one thought keeps nagging my mind

What's it about?

This is a story about a boy coming to terms with his inner most passions, dreams, and demons. A boy trying to make up his mind about past relationships while paving a way for his future. A boy who might be lost now, but in time will recover.

What I experienced?

I have been waiting for a show like this for about half a year. The last time I was so hypnotized by a show was... when I watched The Woodsman and since then it seems like my love for theater was... dwindling.

Kid Victory reminded me why I love theater so much. 

I will admit, when I had chosen this show I thought it was going to be a fun little musical that would make me feel warm and fuzzy inside for a hot second or two. I really wasn’t expecting to be greeted with a raw, thought-provoking story. Imagine my surprise when the first scene of the show, one of the main characters was chained up in a basement while the supporting characters sang a semi-religious song (That’s all I'm going to say about the actual plot, I’ll leave the surprise of the show up to you to uncover when/if you watch it).

I understand the essence of what the show was trying to convey, but one thought keeps nagging my mind. It’s obvious from the very beginning that the story is based in the eyes of the main character, so I thought it was safe to assume that everything is compromised. BUT while I was watching the story unfold I took everything at face value. 

I was confused, and in all honesty, a little alarmed with myself when I was actually feeling for the obvious villain of the story. When I was on the train ride home thinking about my priorities, in terms of the difference between bad and good, I realized that I felt this way towards the villain because our protagonist felt this way.

I mean, it wasn’t hard to think the way I was thinking -- whatever the protagonist saw or heard was what we, the audience, saw or heard. So it’s normal that both the protagonist and I felt the same way too.

He was brainwashed into looking at this person in a certain light. Every so often the truth would shine through the charade and both the protagonist and I would be taken aback by this truth, and then almost immediately it would be “normal” again. Except we both knew inside that nothing about this situation and how we felt was "normal".

I think it’s interesting how I didn’t even know what was real or what was fake. Did the antagonist have the good traits that were described/portrayed? Or was it all made up by our main character in an attempt to cope with what had happened?

Even now, I wonder, what was real and what was made up?

Want to see it?

Sorry, this show is not currently showing :(

What did you experience?

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