POST: 'It Will All Work Out' - it really did all work out

What's it about?

Chris Wells uses vibrant outfits, song and dance to tell stories from his upcoming memoir about his career as an actor.

What I experienced?

I will be honest, I was not in the mood to go to this show. You know when you read about a show and it sounds super cool and fun and you're excited to see it but then you start having a shitty day and suddenly you no longer want to go? Yeah, that was me.

I started my day off being 20 minutes late for work because of a "power outage delay" which was followed by a long work shift and an argument with the boo. I just wanted to go home so the day would end. But, I stuck it out and went, thinking it could be the pick me up I needed. Entering the theater, I was surprised because the venue is both a theater and bar? I had never seen that before and thought that was very unique. Apparently. it's the only theater-bar in NYC, so that was cool to experience.

The show starts when a guy in a fabulous dress walks out and starts singing "hello New York". There are dancers in retro outfits, and a band that looks like they are right out of the 70's! It looked very groovy. So, I figure out that this main character is telling snippets of events that have happened to him. He's kinda funny, but almost everything he did was HILARIOUS to everyone else in the audience, which made me feel a little bit disconnected. I think my exhaustion and lack of connection, led to me dozing off a bit. Don't get me wrong, it was elaborate and flashy and upbeat but I was could not focus.

I decided, it's not cool to sleep, so I force myself awake. And suddenly, it's not that hard because the stories start to get funnier and funnier. He tells this one story about when he came to New York City and got his first asian massage... It is HILARIOUS hearing him describe his first experience of a Korean massage, with a "happy ending". Also, being a native New Yorker, it was awesome hearing how he makes the transition, slowly becoming a true New Yorker. I'm like HAHAHAHA, YASSSSS we do that, many times.

The whole show had this high energy and by the end it was making me die laughing. I feel bad that my shitty day gave it a rough start. But by the end it woke me up and got me out of my rut and ready to get back out into the world. Super appropriate title -because by the end of the day, it really did all work out.

Want to see it?

Sorry, this show is not currently showing :(

What did you experience?

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