POST: 'Inanimate' - letting go

What's it about?

Sometimes you just can't help who you fall in love with. This is the case for Erica, who finds herself deeply in love with someone society just can't accept, the local bad boy Dee. Dee, however, is a Dairy Queen sign. 

What I experienced?

This is the first real production at The Flea's new theater. Last year, around November, I said goodbye to The Flea Theater at White Street when I saw their dual production Ajax and Squash. It was a bittersweet moment for me, leaving the last proper production and that White Street theater for the last time. I had honestly had my life changed and saved by my first show there years earlier, The Mysteries.

So, Inanimate? At first, I thought that this show was simply a fun, comedic ride about a girl who loves a Dairy Queen sign. I assumed it was going to be weird and wacky. I was right, on that regard. 

As the show went along, however, I realized that the show wasn't about fighting people's perceptions of you and loving in spite of the world around you. In those climactic moments of the play, as they began, when characters surrounding Erica can't fathom her love for Dee and want to see him destroyed. As there's nothing that can be done about stopping Dee's destruction, as a man on a forum gives advice about how he once loved the Berlin Wall, but still gets satisfaction out of the pieces in museums, as Erica settles that Dee will go down and she wants to be the one to say goodbye... 

Inanimate, for me, was about letting go. Not because you have to let go, not because it's healthy to let go. Inanimate is a play about letting go because something you loved is going away, and there's nothing you can do to stop it. So much of the play is about holding onto something at any cost, while knowing that when that information ended up in the wrong hands it would end everything. 

I felt a connection to Erica in seeing how romantic contact and sexual situations bothered her, I felt that deep in my bones. The awkwardneess, the desire to be alone, work through things on a certain pace, maybe not-so-much the being turned on by a can opener in BDSM gear, but the point stands. 

It clicked at the very end. As Erica holds up what remains of Dee to the light, almost seeing the same beauty and light she saw in him when he was alive, I got it. Inanimate is a play about holding onto the good things and starting something new. This is something I have desperately needed after the few months I have had, hoo boy. 

So, get out there, start something new, unearth those demons and go far away from them when you do. 

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