POST: 'Inanimate' - never be afraid, never be ashamed

What's it about? 

Inanimate follows the adventures of a young girl learning to discover herself in the world. A world full of different views, ideals, and preferences. This girls name is Erica. Erica, is just like every other normal teenager who's in love. In love with who you ask? Dee. A Dairy Queen Logo. 

What I experienced?

I love plays that are like super different. Like, about different topics and things that really get you thinking or just make you say "Wow, would you look at that" or better yet "What the fuck". This one had a lil' bit of both. So, prior to attending the show I did read up a bit about it and I honestly thought it was about two Dairy Queen signs that were in love with each other, and then upon arrival I learned it was about a young girl, who was in love with the D in the Dairy Queen logo. 

Honestly, I kind of really dig the concept of the play. Like, you don't really see a lot of plays that talk about objectum sexuality. Like many other things, it's something that exist and deserves to be talked about because there are people that feel like that everyday. This show pushed the boundary a bit, and those are plays that I REALLY enjoy cause who doesn't like pushing the normal every once in awhile? 


I honestly don't know much about objectum sexuality, so I feel like my thoughts/opinion on it, or even around the play in and of itself, may be inadequate. Like a patient explaining to a brain surgeon how to do surgery, it wouldn't make much sense. BUT, one thing I do know about myself is that I have an open mind, and I suggest you do too if you're going to see this play. Besides falling in love with a sign, Inanimate is also about finding one's self in a world that makes it seem like being yourself is the worst thing you could do. If its one thing I know for sure, its that being YOURSELF, no matter who or what it is, is the best thing you could possibly do.

One message I took from this play: no matter how different you think you are, SOMEBODY somewhere, has gone through the same exact thing you have or ARE going through. Therefore, whatever you're facing is not weird or different, it's natural. Whether it's a change within yourself or a force to adjust to the outside world, it's natural and you should never be ashamed of it. 

Inanimate brought me back to that feeling of not caring and just feeling like who I am, is perfect. Never be afraid to discover yourself, because yourself is the best thing you have, like ever.

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