POST: 'In Transit' - the entire time, I watched... him.

What's it about?

In Transit is an a cappella musical about eleven New Yorkers struggling with personal and professional issues while having to deal with the madness of the MTA. It's all about their journeys: the people and connections they make along the way and how those people can get them closer to everything they've ever wanted - even if their relationship never moves past the underground.

What I experienced?

Valentine's Day in Times Square? Barf.


This show has been on my radar for a while now. The poster for it is in like every single subway station, it's about this crazy city that has been my home for my entire life and it's the only musical I've ever heard of being a cappella. Yes, please! I need to see this!!

Getting to this show was a lot more of a struggle than I've had in a while. The trains were running super slow and since it was Valentine's Day (ugh, barf), there was a RIDICULOUS amount of bodies in Times Square. I had to literally run and weave through the bodies and made it to the theatre with 30 seconds before curtain. By the time I got to my seat, I was sweaty and the people next to me were visibly less pleased to find out that the free seat that was once holding their coats and bags was now being occupied by me. 

As soon as the show began, I was immediately hooked by the beatboxer named Boxman. I just could not understand how in the world someone could create these kinds of rhythms and percussion sounds with just their mouth/voice. The entire time I watched him, I'm sure my face looked just like this: 

The singing in this show was so fast! At first, I had a hard time keeping up with every one on stage and what they were each saying but I realized later on when I kept thinking about the soundtrack, that it made total sense! New York is fast paced. We all talk over one another and rarely really listen, so it felt super real to the New York City experience. I also realized that each character was speaking their thoughts out loud, and while on the subway platform waiting to get where we need to go. I can only imagine that if we all vocalized our thoughts... it would sound just like it did on that stage.

There were so many relatable moments in this piece and as a native New Yorker, about 95% of what was showcased in this musical has happened to me. Moments like Nate having a tough time with his Metrocard, going back and forth with the woman at the booth, waiting for a train when you REALLY need to get somewhere and the estimated time is an obscene number and getting on a train to a job that isn't actually the job you want. Enter Jane.

Jane was my absolute favorite character in the entire show and all of her scenes and musical numbers have stuck with me a week later. Jane is an aspiring actress who works as a temp in order to pay bills and support herself. I really resonated with her because her struggle is so familiar - not only to me, but I can be sure that so many struggling actors have gone through what she has gone through in this musical. Having to be a little bit delusional about what you're doing and why you're doing it or telling yourself that your dream will never happen because you're getting old. Jane is me. I am Jane. And if her character has given me anything to take away from this experience it's that security will always be the easiest choice. The steady paychecks, the healthcare and the office with the amazing view will seem like a dream when you're getting older and nothing's happening. But, chasing your dream will always be the most fulfilling, and that may not always be comfortable but it will surely be rewarding. Of course Jane also ends up meeting her dream man at a bar and bumping into him months later in the subway - every NYC girl's dream right? I'll work on the dream first and maybe that musical worthy love interest will somehow find his way to me.

Want to see it?

Sorry, this show is not currently showing :(

What did you experience?

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