POST: 'In & Of Itself' - a WHOLE NUTHA LEVEL

What's it about?

Renowned three time Academy of Magical Arts Award magician Derek DelGaudio weaves magic into a thought provoking allegory that explores the illusion of identity.

What I experienced?

Speechless. Confused. Amazed. Annoyed. Happy. Inspired. I was a roller coaster of emotions coming out of this show. I was walking on sunshine. I felt so good and positive and ALIVE. And man, did I have a good life! I had just witnessed the best magic show EVER. I was still trying to figure out how he did all of those DANG tricks. I couldn't come up with anything! Usually, I'll come up with some rationalization like there's something up his sleeve, or there's a trap door probably there or there's a mirror you can't see. But nope! I could NOT come up with any explanation for how he did any trick. And while I was really frustrated, racking my brain and getting nowhere, a part of me was actually glad I couldn't figure it out. Because then I really did think the only answer was MAGIC.

I had seen DelGaudio's previous work Nothing to Hide, and I remembered feeling that same sense of awe and wonder at what I had just seen. This guy performs magic in a way that I've never experienced. He's truly taking magic to a WHOLE NUTHA LEVEL. I'm not even really sure how to explain it, it's something you have to see to believe. While looking up the show, I stumbled across a review that said like "the best thing you can do to prepare for the show is nothing." And so I did. And I liked that I knew absolutely nothing, it made everything seem that much more shocking and unreal. So you should just see it too. I'm not even sure why you would keep reading. SERIOUSLY. GO.

I walked in and there's a wall of cards, each saying I AM ________. Each person picks a card. There were fun ones like cowboy, a devil, a diva, a troublemaker. Or more practical ones like a teacher, parent, grandmother, writer. I ended up going with Master of the Universe because, girl, yes I am! And yes I did look at every single one (there were at least 200) before settling on mine because I knew it somehow tied into the play and I really did want something that I felt best represented me. Curious, I walked in and took my seat. Getting there 15 minutes early and ready to go. I was excited. But then, I realized all of these seats were barred together. And they didn't have that much room. And of course, I was wedged between two huge guys. UGGHHHHHHHHHHH. Which made the show starting late that much more irritating. Like the show must go on! come on! I WANNA SEE THE MAGIC!!!

The show starts and the story begins. And it's a really cool story. I don't want to reveal too much because I really believe that not knowing made the show that much more special. The magic is woven in to the story so well, I remember being like NOW THIS IS STORYTELLING. WOW. It's not like some guy who does magic (albeit really friggin good magic) who's also telling a story. The magic is part of the story. And the story is part of the magic. And it's so beautiful and compelling and thoughtful and REAL. Like damn, I thought I came to see a magic show! And I did. But what I didn't expect was for it to be so much more.

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