POST: 'iLuminate' - crazy dance moves

What's it about?

A dancing circus with crazy light effects. 

What'd I experience?

Finals week... I want to say that I'm scared but thinking about watching iLuminate is keeping me calm right now. I remember this group of people from America's Got Talent, I believe they won the entire show. Walking to the theatre I just had this huge smile on my face because it was so close to school. I'm giving the MTA a break and using my legs for once. 

When I got to the theatre I got denied to charge my phone... like really. *calm down Arturo* But when I got into the theatre, I found a plug. I'm a rebel so I used it. Let's talk about the music before the show... I was about to get on stage and start dancing. The music got me more excited for the show... I can hear the dancers hitting the floor. Can they just open the curtains? 

The first thing I saw when the curtains finally opened was a bright light... I felt like I was going to heaven. I have never seen a show with so many lights and dance numbers. I was really into the performance. I'm usually really quiet and conservative. I was not while watching this show, I was clapping and tapping my feet. The opening dance number made me want to get up and make a fool of myself. I've been told I dance like I have two left feet, but I just think people are hating.

So, I'm introduced to Jacob, a talented dancer who is struggling to fit in with a group of young kids in his community because of the way he dances. I can so relate! But the difference is that Jacob becomes a really good dancer. 

So much dancing! How are they able to incorporate hip hop, tap dance, salsa and so many more that I have no idea what the names of the dances are? I already struggle to dance bachata but this group was doing it all. If the venue was not so dark I would have been taking notes on how to move so smoothly without making a fool of myself. One guy was spinning on his head..... like come on dude, he was just showing off at that point. But the best dance move was the robot by one of the actors. I loved it because that is my go to move.. 

Through the show, it's evident how Jacob's style of dancing changes and he starts to become really good. So good that his peers are raving to find out how they can learn his smooth moves. I hope one day my life can turn out like Jacob's and people can come up to me because of my crazy dance moves.

I came out of that theatre willing to start dancing lessons.  

Want to see it?

Sorry, this show is not currently showing :(

What did you experience?

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