POST: 'I of the Storm' - I wanted to rise out of my seat and applaud

What it's about.

Our main character, Everyman, played by RJ Bartholomew, has gone from being a wealthy man obsessed with material things, to a now homeless man who, only after losing everything, appreciates his life, and sees the world for what it really is.

My experience.

Inspired. If I had to describe, in one word, how I felt as I walked out of I of the Storm, it would be inspired. I entered the theater not knowing what to expect, I was completely unaware of what I was about to witness, only holding a playbill with the words “rags to riches” under the title of the show. With this in mind I expected it to be a typical story of a character who makes the best of the worst, and comes out on top in the end, but in some ways, I was completely wrong.

The stage was about ten feet from where I was sitting so it was hard to not feel involved. Also, there were few props, so for the most part it was just me, the actor, and a few other audience members. The use of lighting helped draw me in further as it was almost as if the lighting of the stage would change with my mood. Whenever the main character said something that saddened me, the stage was coated in a warm blue, or something that angered me, the stage was bound in a heavy crimson.

Bartholomew truly struck a chord in me when he said “It no longer matters if I have what I want, as long as I want what I have.” I enjoyed that the character, who was in this state of homelessness, truly reflected on the man he used to be and was actually ecstatic that he was no longer that man, despite not having a penny to his name. It was when I realized that this was a rags to riches story about his growth as a person, not in his wealth, I wanted to rise out of my seat and applaud, just midway through the performance. In some ways this performance has impacted how I’m going to live my life going forward. I do sometimes find myself obsessing over material things, like my iPhone, or my Xbox, but this performance made me question why I put so much value on these things.  Going forward, I want to place less value on material things and more value on growing as a person, just like Bartholomew did.

Not only did he reflect on his past self, but he reflected on the current state of the world. Mentioning things like the war on terrorism and the surplus of mass shootings in our country, I was so happy that this became something much more than your normal rags to riches story. Personally, I enjoy when works of art talk about what's going on in the world because these are things sometimes ignored by the people meant to protect us.

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