POST: 'From Cold Lake' - a live podcast about a fictional town

What it's about? 

A group of people doing their third live podcast episode about a fictional town called Cold Lake

What'd I experience?

The way that the show was advertised, I kind of expected the show to be a spooky show with a radio show feel. To my surprise, it was a lot more straight forward than I thought it would be. It was an actual live podcast. And I was actually pretty happy, because I have a lot of podcasting questions.

Some time last year, I became obsessed with podcasts and, being a writer, I thought podcasts would be a really cool platform to share stories. Luckily, this obsession coincided with my class picking for the fall semester. It was a snowball effect that led me to my present situation of creating my own podcast. While everyone in my class got together in groups, I was the only one that wanted to create a fictional podcast. The podcast has shifted a lot since the first weeks of August, but it's headed in a great direction! It's includes two characters, one in present day and another one in the past. 

Anyway, back to the show. While I knew that it was going to be seeing a live podcast, I did not anticipate the lack of costumes or physical performing. There was one scene where the voice actress was talking about how her shoes looked and I found myself shifting in my seat to see what they looked like. It was in that moment that I realized I had to shift my mind back into podcast mode, as if I were listening to it on the train, because the actress's shoes were not the character's shoes. But once I wrapped my mind around it, it no longer became an issue for me. I was able to envision it, and I got more and more engrossed in the story.

One thing that I really loved about the show was that Cold Lake's town motto was "We could probably be happy here." It was like a half-ass optimistic motto. I feel like I sometimes go through phases where I feel this way. Like, maybe it'll work out. I don't know. I guess we'll see! 

I also really enjoyed that it was from Minnesota. There were some funny aspects where they kept delaying a goodbye because they didn't want to come off as rude. I often daydream about the different places I may want to move to, so naturally, I found myself wondering about Minnesota and whether I would want to live in that state. But would I really want to? Can I survive in a small town? Is it cold there year round? I don't think I can handle the winter year round. I mean, I've lived in Maine, but I was homesick the whole time. 

Oh, if you want to listen to their podcast here you go. 

Want to see it?

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But - you can listen to all the podcast episodes. 

What'd you experience?

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