POST: 'Freefall Frostbite' - what the heck is going on here?

What it's about.

Freefall Frostbite is a story about a couple named Steven and Sharon who wait in line to enter an exclusive NYC club on New Year's eve. While waiting, a group of homeless people attempt to have them let go of their troubles, promising freedom from their self-imposed life restrictions. This causes Steven and Sharon to question their life, career, and ultimately their relationship.

My experience.

Going in to the show, I had high expectations. Their motto is to join them and "be forever changed." If you're gonna make a claim like that, I am expecting something big.

What I got was just A LOT of weird. Things start off with the couple waiting to get into the club and I'm like ok, that's pretty common. Then all of these homeless people are on the side dancing and chanting, by garbage, and I'm like, YUP, only in New York. But then they start getting way too close to my personal space and I am cringing because I would NOT be having none of that. Then they start singing a song about sharing their wine? And I have no idea if that's a reference or metaphor or what. That was the point, when I was like thissssss is weird what the heck is going on here?

At one point, a girl on the line whips out her violin mad casually and I'm like oh ok, cool that's totally something people do. Then it got dark real quick and these homeless people burn her violin. There's fighting but then they're all chummy dancing together and stripping her while singing a chant I couldn't understand. And then she becomes one of the homeless people! Like WHAT.

Also this whole time not one person is getting into the club, like wouldn't you wanna go home? It's been like 40 minutes and you still outside not moving at all. One of the characters tries to get in and they're not on the list so it's like how do y'all think you're gonna get in then?

Then suddenly, all of the characters are re-evaluating their lives and joining the homeless and I'm like alrightttttttttt. This is happening. So I guess everyone becomes homeless and chants. Half the time I couldn't understand what was being said because they were talking in rhyme. It seemed like a simple enough idea but no. It was just weird on weird on weird. And I don't mind weird, but this was just too much for me. I left feeling.... weird.

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